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Minetest Mods for Android App This translation is locked. GPL-3.0 95% 4 7
Minetest Fix this component to clear its alerts. LGPL-2.1 99% 5 213 18
Mod: Storage Drawers Fix this component to clear its alerts. MIT
Mod: Lapis Lazuli WTFPL
Mod: Jukebox WTFPL
Mod: Hopper Fix this component to clear its alerts. MIT 1

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  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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Committed changes

Minetest / Mod: Game InternationalizationIndonesian

Committed changes a year ago
Iron Bar
Palang Besi
a year ago
Empty Glass Bottle
Botol Kaca (kKosong)
a year ago
Glass Fragments
Gundukan Pecahan Kaca
a year ago
Empty Drinking Glass
Gelas Minum (kKosong)
a year ago
Empty Heavy Steel Bottle
Botol Baja Berat (kKosong)
a year ago
Straw Slab
PapanLempeng Jerami
a year ago
Pine Wood Slab
PapanLempeng Kayu Pinus
a year ago
Wooden Slab
PapanLempeng Kayu
a year ago
Jungle Wood Slab
Papan Kayu PohonLempeng Kayu Rimba
a year ago
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