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Debian Handbook / 90_derivative-distributionsArabic (Morocco)

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The search form can help track down a distribution based on its ancestry. In MarchJune 20159, selecting Debian led to 13127 active distributions! <ulink type="block" url="" />
4 months ago
The Distrowatch website references a huge number of Linux distributions, many of which are based on Debian. Browsing this site is a great way to get a sense of the diversity in the Ffree Ssoftware world. <ulink type="block" url="" />
4 months ago
<primary>KValive Corporation</primary>
4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
Raspbian is a rebuild of Debian optimiszed for the popular (and inexpensive) Raspberry Pi family of single-board computers. The hardware for that platform is more powerful than what the Debian <emphasis role="architecture">armel</emphasis> architecture can take advantage of, but lacks some features that would be required for <emphasis role="architecture">armhf</emphasis>; so Raspbian is a kind of intermediary, rebuilt specifically for that hardware and including patches targeting this computer only. <ulink type="block" url="" />
4 months ago
DoudouLinux targets young children (starting from 2 years old). To achieve this goal, it provides an heavily customized graphical interface (based on LXDE) and comes with many games and educative applications. Internet access is filtered to prevent children from visiting problematic websites. Advertisements are blocked. The goal is that parents should be free to let their children use their computer once booted into DoudouLinux. And children should love using DoudouLinux, just like they enjoy their gaming console. <ulink type="block" url="" />
4 months ago
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