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<emphasis>communication</emphasis>: web forums, mailing-list manager, announcement system allowing a project to publish news;
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Debian Handbook / 13_workstationChinese (Simplified)

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If only one Ekiga client is to run behind the firewall, the configuration is rather straightforward, and only involves forwarding a few ports to the dedicated host: TCP port 1720 (listening for incoming connections), TCP port 5060 (for SIP), TCP ports 30000 to 30010 (for control of open connections) and UDP ports 5000 to 5100 (for audio and video data transmission and registration to an H323 proxy).
如果只有一个 Ekiga 客户端在防火墙后面运行,配置就比较直接,只需将几个端口转发到指定的主机:TCP 端口 1720 (侦听接入连接),TCP 端口 5060(用于 SIP),TCP 端口 30000 到 30010 (用于控制和开启连接),UDP 端口 5000 到 5013100(用于音频和视频数据传输及注册 H323 代理)。
2 years ago
Ekiga (formerly GnomeMeeting) is a prominent application for Linux video conferencing. It is both stable and functional, and is very easily used on a local network; setting up the service on a global network is much more complex when the firewalls involved lack explicit support for the H323 and/or SIP teleconferencing protocols with all their quirks.
Ekiga(前身 GnomeMeeting)是 Linux 系统上主流的视频会议软件。它既稳定又不乏功能性,并且在局域网中非常好用;如果防火墙缺乏对 H323 和 SIP 电话会议协议的支持,那么在广域网中配置该服务就比较复杂。
2 years ago
Since the IRC protocol is very old, many clients are available to cater for many user groups; examples include XChat and Smuxi (graphical clients based on GTK+), Irssi (text mode), Erc (integrated to Emacs), and so on.
由于 IRC 协议比较老,很多客户端都能支持大量的用户组;例子包括 XChat 和 Smuxi(基于 GTK+的图形界面),Irssi(文本模式),Erc(与 Emacs集成),Chatzilla(包含在 Mozilla 软件软件包中),等待等等
2 years ago
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