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To prevent this, you can protect the bootloader itself with a password. You might also think about protecting access to the BIOS (a password protection mechanism is almost always available), without which a malicious intruder could still boot the machine on a removable media containing its own Linux system, which they could then use to access data on the computer's hard drives.
为了防止此类事件,可以给加载器设定密码。你也许会考虑保护 BIOS (密码保护总是可行的),这样可以防止侵入者使用包含自己的 Linux 系统的移动介质启动电脑,使用该系统他们可以读取硬盘上的数据。
a year ago
Any person who is able to access the computer can press the <keycap>Reset</keycap> button, and thus reboot it. Then, at the bootloader's prompt, it is possible to pass the <literal>init=/bin/sh</literal> option to the kernel to gain root access without knowing the administrator's password.
任何可以接近电脑的人都能按下<keycap>复位</keycap> 按,并重新启动电脑。然后,在启动提示下,传递<literal>init=/bin/sh</literal>选项给内核,从而无需知道密码而获取超级用户权限。
a year ago
a year ago
By convention, the first process that is booted is the <command>init</command> program (which is a symbolic link to <filename>/lib/systemd/systemd</filename> by default). However, it is possible to pass an <literal>init</literal> option to the kernel indicating a different program.
通常,第一个启动的进程是 <command>init</command> 程序(默认是到 <filename>/lib/systemd/systemd</filename> 的符号链接)。然而,也可以通过传递 <literal>init</literal> 选项告诉内核使用其他的程序。
a year ago
<emphasis>SECURITY</emphasis> Using a shell as <command>init</command> to gain root rights
<emphasis>安全</emphasis> 使用 shell 作为 <command>init</command> 获取超级用户权限
a year ago
A process is the representation in memory of a running program. It includes all of the information necessary for the proper execution of the software (the code itself, but also the data that it has in memory, the list of files that it has opened, the network connections it has established, etc.). A single program may be instantiated into several processes, not necessarily running under different user IDs.
一个进程代表一个在内存中运行的程序。它包含了需要正确执行软件的所有必要信息(代码本身,内存数据,打开的文件清单,建立的网络连接,等等)。一个程序可能初始化为几个进程,而没必要使用不同的用户 ID 。
a year ago
a year ago
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