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Prior to jumping into this exercise with both feet, it is strongly recommended that you read the remainder of this book. After that you will have a more precise understanding of how to configure the expected services.
11 months ago
Once Debian is installed, we must install and configure one by one all of the services that this computer must host. The new configuration must take into consideration the prior one in order to ensure a smooth transition. All the information collected in the first two steps will be useful to successfully complete this part.
Debian 安装之后,必须逐一安装与设置该电脑的所有服务。新的配置必须过去的配置才能确保转换的顺利。前述两个步骤的搜集信息对于完成此部分极为重要。
11 months ago
Most recent computers have 64 bit Intel or AMD processors, compatible with older 32 bit processors; the software compiled for “i386” architecture thus works. On the other hand, this compatibility mode does not fully exploit the capabilities of these new processors. This is why Debian provides the “amd64” architecture, which works for recent AMD chips as well as Intel “em64t” processors (including most of the Core series), which are very similar to AMD64.
近年的电脑使用 64 位 Intel 或 AMD 处理器,兼容于稍旧的 32 位处理器;为 “i386” 架构编绎的软件也适用。从另个角度来看,此兼容的软件无法充发挥新处理器的性能。所以 Debian 提供 “amd64” 架构的版本,针对最新的 AMD 芯片以及 Intel “em64t” 处理器 (包括大多数的 Core 系列),它们极度类似 AMD64。
11 months ago
Solaris, SunOS
Solaris, SunOS
11 months ago
Committed changes 11 months ago
amd64, powerpc, i386
amd64powerpc i386
11 months ago
amd64, powerpc, i386
amd64powerpc i386
11 months ago
The <emphasis role="pkg">cruft</emphasis> package proposes to list the available files that are not owned by any package. It has some filters (more or less effective, and more or less up to date) to avoid reporting some legitimate files (files generated by Debian packages, or generated configuration files not managed by <command>dpkg</command>, etc.).
<emphasis role="pkg">cruft</emphasis> 软件包列出未被其他软件包拥有的文件。它有一些筛选器 (差不多多数是有效,但或多或少有点过时) 以避免报告合法的文件 (Debian 软件包产生的文件,或未被<command>dpkg</command> 管理的配置文件等)。
11 months ago
The <command>apt-show-versions</command> program (from the Debian package of the same name) checks the list of installed packages and identifies the available versions. <command>aptitude</command> can also be used for these tasks, albeit in a less systematic manner.
<command>apt-show-versions</command> 程序 (来自 Debian 同名软件包) 检查安装软件包并辨的列表并标识可用的版本。<command>aptitude</command> 以表单的方式,做同样的工作程序可以做到同样的工作,但是不是特别系统化
11 months ago
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