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Your local weather / StringsChinese (Simplified)

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Your local weather / StringsChinese (Simplified)

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Your local weather / StringsChinese (Simplified)

Local MLS and NominatimSystem to get location, Nominatim to get address (recommended)
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Your local weather / StringsChinese (Simplified)

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heavy intensity drizzle rain
3 weeks ago

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Your local weather / StringsChinese (Simplified)

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You can control the widget background with the <b xmlns:tools="">Widget theme option</b>.
您可以通过 <b xmlns:tools="">微件主题选项</b> 来控制微件背景。
a month ago
The app has three widgets available, containing some common values of the current weather (for example temperature). Some values are unique to the specific widget (for example sunset). There is a time of the last update on right corner of every widget. You can see what has been updated since last time (when you have enabled this option in the settings menu). You can find update button next to the last updated time. When you press this button, the weather (and the location when selected update location option) is updated unconditionally. The last option in widgets is changing of location - when you press on current location text the location changes to the next one.
该应用有三个可用微件,包含当前天气的一些常用值(例如温度)。某些值对于特定的微件是唯一的(例如日落)。每个微件的右上角都有最后一次更新的时间。您可以查看上次更新的内容(在设置菜单中启用此选项时)。您可以在上次更新时间旁边找到更新按钮。点击此按钮时,将无条件更新天气(和选定更新位置选项时的位置)。微件中的最后一个选项是更改位置 - 当您点击当前位置时,位置将更改为下一项。
a month ago
Turn on Bluetooth headset guidance
a month ago
When an update of location and current weather is performed you can see the status of the update next to the update time in widget. You can control what is displayed by the <b xmlns:tools="">Display update summary</b> option. The explanation of the most advanced option follows:
当执行位置和当前天气的更新时,您可以看到微件中更新时间旁的更新状态。您可以通过 <b xmlns:tools="">显示更新摘要</b> 选项控制显示的内容。最高级选项的说明如下:
a month ago
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