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The SOSCORE message are for mail translations for automated status mails from syncosync and for more complex reports when performing actions on the system. e.g. when restoring from a partner system. The SOSUI part is for the WebUI. This is the more important part. Please understand, that we (the team) are not really experienced in using weblate, but we think it is a really great possibility for FOSS projects to get translation support from the community. So forgive us, when we do anything wrong or even delete parts of your work by mistake. We will add new parts of the UI soon and also some screenshots, where the translations will live. If you want to use syncosync in this early state, feel free to do so. It is already working but has to be administrated from the command line at this time (which is necessary only once for setup) For any requests feel free to send a mail to @steviehs

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