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SwitchyOmega / MainChinese (Traditional)

Committed changes a year ago
Warning: Failed to download PAC scripts and/or rule lists.
警告:更新 PAC 檔案或規則清單失敗。
a year ago
You will only need this if you have a PAC script or a URL to it. Don't try to create one unless you have knowledge about PAC.
如果您沒有任何 PAC 指令碼,也沒有指令碼的網址,則不必使用此情境模式。不瞭解 PAC 的使用者不建議自行嘗試編寫指令碼。
a year ago
Choosing proxies using an online/local PAC script.
依據線上或本機的 PAC 指令碼選擇代理。
a year ago
PAC Profile
PAC 情境模式
a year ago
Therefore, you cannot use local PAC file for this profile. You can create a new PAC profile for that if you really want that.
此情境模式已被引用,所以不能使用本機 PAC 檔案。如果您真的需要使用本機檔案,請另外建立一個 PAC 情境模式。
a year ago
PAC profiles with file: URLs can only be applied directly. They cannot be used as result profiles because local files cannot be accessed due to browser limitation.
如果您使用本機 PAC 檔案,則該情境模式只能單獨使用,無法作為自動切換的結果。這是因為瀏覽器不允許讀取本機檔案。
a year ago
The PAC script will be updated from this URL. If it is left blank, the following script will be used directly instead.
應用從此網址下載 PAC 指令碼。如果網址留空,則直接使用下方的指令碼內容。
a year ago
Warning: The username/password may be sent to unexpected servers returned by the PAC script.
警告: 使用者名稱和密碼將會提供給 PAC 指令碼返回的任何伺服器,有時目標伺服器會出乎您的預料。
a year ago
Export PAC
匯出 PAC
a year ago
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