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Ayatana Settings GPL-3.0
Bluetooth Applet Fix this component to clear its alerts. GPL-3.0
Session Applet GPL-3.0 1
Power Applet GPL-3.0
Datetime Applet GPL-3.0
Sound Applet GPL-3.0 1
Messages Applet GPL-3.0
AppMenu Applet GPL-3.0
Display Applet GPL-3.0
System Tray Applet GPL-3.0

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  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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Ayatana Indicators / Printers AppletLithuanian

Committed changes 7 months ago
The printer “%s” is currently off-line.
Šiuo metu spausdintuvas "%s" yra atsijungęs.
7 months ago
The printer “%s” can’t be used, because required software is missing.
Spausdintuvas "%s" negali būti naudojamas, nes trūksta reikiamos programinės įrangos.
7 months ago
A door is open on the printer “%s”.
Atidarytos spausdintuvo "%s" durelės.
7 months ago
A cover is open on the printer “%s”.
Atvertas spausdintuvo "%s" dangtis.
7 months ago
The printer “%s” is out of toner.
Spausdintuve "%s" nėra dažų.
7 months ago
The printer “%s” is low on toner.
Spausdintuve "%s" baigiasi dažai.
7 months ago
The printer “%s” is out of paper.
Spausdintuve "%s" nėra popieriaus.
7 months ago
The printer “%s” is low on paper.
Spausdintuve "%s" baigiasi popierius.
7 months ago
New contributor 7 months ago
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