Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
Noosfero RSS
Noosfero/Core RSS
Noosfero/Documentation RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Admin_Notifications RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Anti spam RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Breadcrumbs RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Bsc RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment classification RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment group RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment paragraph RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Community block RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Community track RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Container block RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Context content RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Custom forms RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Custom_Routes RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Display content RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Elasticsearch RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Environment notification RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Event RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Foo RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Gallery block RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Google analytics RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Google cse RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Html5 video RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Lattes curriculum RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: LDAP RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Mailing_List RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Mark comment as read RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Newsletter RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Orders RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Organization ratings RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: People block RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Pg search RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Piwik RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Products RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Public_Access_Restriction RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Recent content RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Relevant content RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Remote user RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Require auth to comment RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Send email RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Shopping cart RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Site tour RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Sniffer RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Social_Statistics RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Solr RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Spaminator RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Statistics RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Stoa RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Sub organizations RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Template RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Tolerance time RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Variables RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Video RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Vote RSS
Noosfero/Plugin: Work assignment RSS
Noosfero/Noosfero RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
Noosfero/Core View
Noosfero/Documentation View
Noosfero/Plugin: Admin_Notifications View
Noosfero/Plugin: Anti spam View
Noosfero/Plugin: Breadcrumbs View
Noosfero/Plugin: Bsc View
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment classification View
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment group View
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment paragraph View
Noosfero/Plugin: Community block View
Noosfero/Plugin: Community track View
Noosfero/Plugin: Container block View
Noosfero/Plugin: Context content View
Noosfero/Plugin: Custom forms View
Noosfero/Plugin: Custom_Routes View
Noosfero/Plugin: Display content View
Noosfero/Plugin: Elasticsearch View
Noosfero/Plugin: Environment notification View
Noosfero/Plugin: Event View
Noosfero/Plugin: Foo View
Noosfero/Plugin: Gallery block View
Noosfero/Plugin: Google analytics View
Noosfero/Plugin: Google cse View
Noosfero/Plugin: Html5 video View
Noosfero/Plugin: Lattes curriculum View
Noosfero/Plugin: LDAP View
Noosfero/Plugin: Mailing_List View
Noosfero/Plugin: Mark comment as read View
Noosfero/Plugin: Newsletter View
Noosfero/Plugin: Orders View
Noosfero/Plugin: Organization ratings View
Noosfero/Plugin: People block View
Noosfero/Plugin: Pg search View
Noosfero/Plugin: Piwik View
Noosfero/Plugin: Products View
Noosfero/Plugin: Public_Access_Restriction View
Noosfero/Plugin: Recent content View
Noosfero/Plugin: Relevant content View
Noosfero/Plugin: Remote user View
Noosfero/Plugin: Require auth to comment View
Noosfero/Plugin: Send email View
Noosfero/Plugin: Shopping cart View
Noosfero/Plugin: Site tour View
Noosfero/Plugin: Sniffer View
Noosfero/Plugin: Social_Statistics View
Noosfero/Plugin: Solr View
Noosfero/Plugin: Spaminator View
Noosfero/Plugin: Statistics View
Noosfero/Plugin: Stoa View
Noosfero/Plugin: Sub organizations View
Noosfero/Plugin: Template View
Noosfero/Plugin: Tolerance time View
Noosfero/Plugin: Variables View
Noosfero/Plugin: Video View
Noosfero/Plugin: Vote View
Noosfero/Plugin: Work assignment View
Noosfero/Noosfero View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token byuQ8nzQrVSe8dUNZrxjlAhhlimldUyJktkhumoI" \
Project URL Link
Noosfero Hook
Noosfero/Core Hook
Noosfero/Documentation Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Admin_Notifications Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Anti spam Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Breadcrumbs Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Bsc Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment classification Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment group Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Comment paragraph Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Community block Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Community track Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Container block Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Context content Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Custom forms Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Custom_Routes Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Display content Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Elasticsearch Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Environment notification Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Event Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Foo Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Gallery block Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Google analytics Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Google cse Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Html5 video Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Lattes curriculum Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: LDAP Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Mailing_List Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Mark comment as read Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Newsletter Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Orders Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Organization ratings Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: People block Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Pg search Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Piwik Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Products Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Public_Access_Restriction Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Recent content Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Relevant content Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Remote user Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Require auth to comment Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Send email Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Shopping cart Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Site tour Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Sniffer Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Social_Statistics Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Solr Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Spaminator Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Statistics Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Stoa Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Sub organizations Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Template Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Tolerance time Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Variables Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Video Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Vote Hook
Noosfero/Plugin: Work assignment Hook
Noosfero/Noosfero Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token byuQ8nzQrVSe8dUNZrxjlAhhlimldUyJktkhumoI" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea The documentation has detailed instructions