Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
Matomo RSS
Matomo/Matomo Base RSS
Matomo/Plugin CoreAdminHome RSS
Matomo/Plugin CoreHome RSS
Matomo/Plugin Dashboard RSS
Matomo/Plugin Installation RSS
Matomo/Plugin Actions RSS
Matomo/Plugin Annotations RSS
Matomo/Plugin API RSS
Matomo/Plugin CorePluginsAdmin RSS
Matomo/Plugin CoreUpdater RSS
Matomo/Plugin DevicePlugins RSS
Matomo/Plugin DevicesDetection RSS
Matomo/Plugin Events RSS
Matomo/Plugin Feedback RSS
Matomo/Plugin Goals RSS
Matomo/Plugin ImageGraph RSS
Matomo/Plugin Insights RSS
Matomo/Plugin LanguagesManager RSS
Matomo/Plugin Live RSS
Matomo/Plugin Login RSS
Matomo/Plugin Marketplace RSS
Matomo/Plugin Overlay RSS
Matomo/Plugin PrivacyManager RSS
Matomo/Plugin Provider RSS
Matomo/Plugin Referrers RSS
Matomo/Plugin Resolution RSS
Matomo/Plugin ScheduledReports RSS
Matomo/Plugin SegmentEditor RSS
Matomo/Plugin SEO RSS
Matomo/Plugin SitesManager RSS
Matomo/Plugin Transitions RSS
Matomo/Plugin TwoFactorAuth RSS
Matomo/Plugin UserCountry RSS
Matomo/Plugin UserCountryMap RSS
Matomo/Plugin UserId RSS
Matomo/Plugin UserLanguage RSS
Matomo/Plugin UsersManager RSS
Matomo/Plugin VisitFrequency RSS
Matomo/Plugin VisitorInterest RSS
Matomo/Plugin VisitsSummary RSS
Matomo/Plugin VisitTime RSS
Matomo/Plugin WebsiteMeasurable RSS
Matomo/Plugin Widgetize RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin BotTracker RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin CustomiseTranslations RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin CustomOptOut RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin DevelopmentToogle RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ExcludeByDDNS RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin FlagCounter RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin GroupPermissions RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IP2Location RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IP2Proxy RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IPReports RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IPtoCompany RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin LanguageToogle RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin PasswordVerifier RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin PerformanceAudit RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ProfileAvatar RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ProtectTrackID RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ReferrersManager RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RerIntranetSubnetwork RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RerUserDates RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin Signup RSS
Matomo/Plugin Bandwidth RSS
Matomo/Plugin Contents RSS
Matomo/Plugin CustomAlerts RSS
Matomo/Plugin CustomDimensions RSS
Matomo/Plugin CustomJsTracker RSS
Matomo/Plugin CustomTranslations RSS
Matomo/Plugin CustomVariables RSS
Matomo/Plugin DBStats RSS
Matomo/Plugin DeviceDetectorCache RSS
Matomo/Plugin Diagnostics RSS
Matomo/Plugin Ecommerce RSS
Matomo/Plugin GeoIp2 RSS
Matomo/Plugin GoogleAnalyticsImporter RSS
Matomo/Plugin IntranetMeasurable RSS
Matomo/Plugin InvalidateReports RSS
Matomo/Plugin JsTrackerCustom RSS
Matomo/Plugin JsTrackerInstallCheck RSS
Matomo/Plugin LoginLdap RSS
Matomo/Plugin LogViewer RSS
Matomo/Plugin MarketingCampaignsReporting RSS
Matomo/Plugin MobileAppMeasurable RSS
Matomo/Plugin MobileMessaging RSS
Matomo/Plugin MultiSites RSS
Matomo/Plugin PagePerformance RSS
Matomo/Plugin ProfessionalServices RSS
Matomo/Plugin QueuedTracking RSS
Matomo/Plugin TagManager RSS
Matomo/Plugin TasksTimetable RSS
Matomo/Plugin Tour RSS
Matomo/Plugin TrackingSpamPrevention RSS
Matomo/Plugin TreemapVisualization RSS
Matomo/Plugin VisitorGenerator RSS
Matomo/Glossary RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin DiagnosticsExtended RSS
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RestrictLanguageSelection RSS
Matomo/Plugin SecurityInfo RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
Matomo/Matomo Base View
Matomo/Plugin CoreAdminHome View
Matomo/Plugin CoreHome View
Matomo/Plugin Dashboard View
Matomo/Plugin Installation View
Matomo/Plugin Actions View
Matomo/Plugin Annotations View
Matomo/Plugin API View
Matomo/Plugin CorePluginsAdmin View
Matomo/Plugin CoreUpdater View
Matomo/Plugin DevicePlugins View
Matomo/Plugin DevicesDetection View
Matomo/Plugin Events View
Matomo/Plugin Feedback View
Matomo/Plugin Goals View
Matomo/Plugin ImageGraph View
Matomo/Plugin Insights View
Matomo/Plugin LanguagesManager View
Matomo/Plugin Live View
Matomo/Plugin Login View
Matomo/Plugin Marketplace View
Matomo/Plugin Overlay View
Matomo/Plugin PrivacyManager View
Matomo/Plugin Provider View
Matomo/Plugin Referrers View
Matomo/Plugin Resolution View
Matomo/Plugin ScheduledReports View
Matomo/Plugin SegmentEditor View
Matomo/Plugin SEO View
Matomo/Plugin SitesManager View
Matomo/Plugin Transitions View
Matomo/Plugin TwoFactorAuth View
Matomo/Plugin UserCountry View
Matomo/Plugin UserCountryMap View
Matomo/Plugin UserId View
Matomo/Plugin UserLanguage View
Matomo/Plugin UsersManager View
Matomo/Plugin VisitFrequency View
Matomo/Plugin VisitorInterest View
Matomo/Plugin VisitsSummary View
Matomo/Plugin VisitTime View
Matomo/Plugin WebsiteMeasurable View
Matomo/Plugin Widgetize View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin BotTracker View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin CustomiseTranslations View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin CustomOptOut View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin DevelopmentToogle View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ExcludeByDDNS View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin FlagCounter View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin GroupPermissions View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IP2Location View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IP2Proxy View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IPReports View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IPtoCompany View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin LanguageToogle View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin PasswordVerifier View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin PerformanceAudit View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ProfileAvatar View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ProtectTrackID View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ReferrersManager View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RerIntranetSubnetwork View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RerUserDates View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin Signup View
Matomo/Plugin Bandwidth View
Matomo/Plugin Contents View
Matomo/Plugin CustomAlerts View
Matomo/Plugin CustomDimensions View
Matomo/Plugin CustomJsTracker View
Matomo/Plugin CustomTranslations View
Matomo/Plugin CustomVariables View
Matomo/Plugin DBStats View
Matomo/Plugin DeviceDetectorCache View
Matomo/Plugin Diagnostics View
Matomo/Plugin Ecommerce View
Matomo/Plugin GeoIp2 View
Matomo/Plugin GoogleAnalyticsImporter View
Matomo/Plugin IntranetMeasurable View
Matomo/Plugin InvalidateReports View
Matomo/Plugin JsTrackerCustom View
Matomo/Plugin JsTrackerInstallCheck View
Matomo/Plugin LoginLdap View
Matomo/Plugin LogViewer View
Matomo/Plugin MarketingCampaignsReporting View
Matomo/Plugin MobileAppMeasurable View
Matomo/Plugin MobileMessaging View
Matomo/Plugin MultiSites View
Matomo/Plugin PagePerformance View
Matomo/Plugin ProfessionalServices View
Matomo/Plugin QueuedTracking View
Matomo/Plugin TagManager View
Matomo/Plugin TasksTimetable View
Matomo/Plugin Tour View
Matomo/Plugin TrackingSpamPrevention View
Matomo/Plugin TreemapVisualization View
Matomo/Plugin VisitorGenerator View
Matomo/Glossary View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin DiagnosticsExtended View
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RestrictLanguageSelection View
Matomo/Plugin SecurityInfo View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token byuQ8nzQrVSe8dUNZrxjlAhhlimldUyJktkhumoI" \
Project URL Link
Matomo Hook
Matomo/Matomo Base Hook
Matomo/Plugin CoreAdminHome Hook
Matomo/Plugin CoreHome Hook
Matomo/Plugin Dashboard Hook
Matomo/Plugin Installation Hook
Matomo/Plugin Actions Hook
Matomo/Plugin Annotations Hook
Matomo/Plugin API Hook
Matomo/Plugin CorePluginsAdmin Hook
Matomo/Plugin CoreUpdater Hook
Matomo/Plugin DevicePlugins Hook
Matomo/Plugin DevicesDetection Hook
Matomo/Plugin Events Hook
Matomo/Plugin Feedback Hook
Matomo/Plugin Goals Hook
Matomo/Plugin ImageGraph Hook
Matomo/Plugin Insights Hook
Matomo/Plugin LanguagesManager Hook
Matomo/Plugin Live Hook
Matomo/Plugin Login Hook
Matomo/Plugin Marketplace Hook
Matomo/Plugin Overlay Hook
Matomo/Plugin PrivacyManager Hook
Matomo/Plugin Provider Hook
Matomo/Plugin Referrers Hook
Matomo/Plugin Resolution Hook
Matomo/Plugin ScheduledReports Hook
Matomo/Plugin SegmentEditor Hook
Matomo/Plugin SEO Hook
Matomo/Plugin SitesManager Hook
Matomo/Plugin Transitions Hook
Matomo/Plugin TwoFactorAuth Hook
Matomo/Plugin UserCountry Hook
Matomo/Plugin UserCountryMap Hook
Matomo/Plugin UserId Hook
Matomo/Plugin UserLanguage Hook
Matomo/Plugin UsersManager Hook
Matomo/Plugin VisitFrequency Hook
Matomo/Plugin VisitorInterest Hook
Matomo/Plugin VisitsSummary Hook
Matomo/Plugin VisitTime Hook
Matomo/Plugin WebsiteMeasurable Hook
Matomo/Plugin Widgetize Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin BotTracker Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin CustomiseTranslations Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin CustomOptOut Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin DevelopmentToogle Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ExcludeByDDNS Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin FlagCounter Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin GroupPermissions Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IP2Location Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IP2Proxy Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IPReports Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin IPtoCompany Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin LanguageToogle Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin PasswordVerifier Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin PerformanceAudit Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ProfileAvatar Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ProtectTrackID Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin ReferrersManager Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RerIntranetSubnetwork Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RerUserDates Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin Signup Hook
Matomo/Plugin Bandwidth Hook
Matomo/Plugin Contents Hook
Matomo/Plugin CustomAlerts Hook
Matomo/Plugin CustomDimensions Hook
Matomo/Plugin CustomJsTracker Hook
Matomo/Plugin CustomTranslations Hook
Matomo/Plugin CustomVariables Hook
Matomo/Plugin DBStats Hook
Matomo/Plugin DeviceDetectorCache Hook
Matomo/Plugin Diagnostics Hook
Matomo/Plugin Ecommerce Hook
Matomo/Plugin GeoIp2 Hook
Matomo/Plugin GoogleAnalyticsImporter Hook
Matomo/Plugin IntranetMeasurable Hook
Matomo/Plugin InvalidateReports Hook
Matomo/Plugin JsTrackerCustom Hook
Matomo/Plugin JsTrackerInstallCheck Hook
Matomo/Plugin LoginLdap Hook
Matomo/Plugin LogViewer Hook
Matomo/Plugin MarketingCampaignsReporting Hook
Matomo/Plugin MobileAppMeasurable Hook
Matomo/Plugin MobileMessaging Hook
Matomo/Plugin MultiSites Hook
Matomo/Plugin PagePerformance Hook
Matomo/Plugin ProfessionalServices Hook
Matomo/Plugin QueuedTracking Hook
Matomo/Plugin TagManager Hook
Matomo/Plugin TasksTimetable Hook
Matomo/Plugin Tour Hook
Matomo/Plugin TrackingSpamPrevention Hook
Matomo/Plugin TreemapVisualization Hook
Matomo/Plugin VisitorGenerator Hook
Matomo/Glossary Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin DiagnosticsExtended Hook
Matomo/CommunityPlugin RestrictLanguageSelection Hook
Matomo/Plugin SecurityInfo Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token byuQ8nzQrVSe8dUNZrxjlAhhlimldUyJktkhumoI" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea The documentation has detailed instructions