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3Activity Tracker 25Android IMSI-Catcher Detector 4851Airsonic 219Andor's Trail 20AndrOBD 23Android Betterpickers 61Android-Open-Radio 1Apple Flinger 2AppStream 30Arctica Framework 909armellolocalization 1ASS Danmaku 26AsteroidOS 1Athenaeum 16Ayatana Indicators 2BandcampDownloader 7Baresip 166blueman 5Blurify 15Boilr 15bookworm 1Cagette 12CaptainFact - Frontend UI 1Carburetor 13Chibe 2CityZen 95Commons App 2CopyQ 13CPU-X 99DawnlightSearch 14DBeaver 7DeadBeef Silica 461Debian Edu Documentation 8874Debian Handbook 14Debian Member Portfolio Service 5672Debian Reference 6Diet Diary 1Dino 2Doki Doki Mod Manager 7DoubleContact 15Duplicati 44Easer 13EasySSH 5Emote Collector 28Escapepod 12Etar-Calendar 42EtchDroid 11eventoL 3Event Sync for Facebook 81Exaile 111F-Droid 88FeedReader 416Florence Mastodon 5FluffyChat 154FMIT 111FreedomBox 101Freeplane 4Free Tube 87Freeyourgadget 10FSearch 11GAFAM 3Galette 42GameHub 103Gammu 6GASdottoNG 15G-Droid 129Ghini 7Ghost 11gImageReader 155Gitcoin 84Git Manpages 1194GitNex 20GiveMeLyrics 4GNU Mailman 92gnumdk 19GNUSim8085 342Godot Engine 1Go For It 21Goodvibes 8Good Weather 3GtkHash 59Guake 336Guardian Project 7Hangoutsbot 48Harbour AllRadio 1Harbour Lyrics 9HgLauncher 35Hiri 1Hunspell 34Icinga Editor 1Indent 1Indicator for KDE Connect 25Invidious 28iso-codes 4235isomorphic 12867Jami 8JaMuz 1Jirafeau 9Kaidan 96Kallithea 79KeePass DX 10KISS 93KOReader 8ksnip 1L'atelier 12Lexica 4Liberapay 158LK8000 15Logfly 3LooWID 8Loyalty Card Keychain 61Made With Creative Commons 2032MailCleaner Anti Spam 800Manuskript 12Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter 17Me And My Shadow 50Meditation Assistant 143Metrodroid 100Minetest 7Mind Map Architect 5Munin for Android 172mvplan 11MyPaint 697Navigate CMS 52Ncmpc 1Nelson 39NewPipe 1Night Clock 20nm-tray 33Noosfero 7Nutty 47OCCRP 1OnionShare 9OpenBikeSharing 22Openbmap 31Open Event 185OpenOrienteering 296OpenRefine 1openScale 549OpenWrt 15Orisa 6081OsmAnd 68Pasang Emas 3PDF Mix Tool 25PDF Tricks 68PeerTube 36Pext 52PGE-Project 478phpMyAdmin 11Planner 1343po4a 13pypa 25qooxdoo 22768qt5-fsarchiver 36QTodoTxt 1QtPass 3QuickBox 8Red Moon 38RedReader 91Remmina 67Requirements Bazaar 32Ricin 194Rockpool 11RouteConverter 1Safe Eyes 10Safe Surfer 6Scopa 20selfoss 3Sequeler 4SimpleEmail 36Simpletask 2Simple Weather 10Skolab Groupware 39SkyTube 34Scarry On Lin{e|ux} 1128Sonic Pi 4SoundSwitch 9Sozi 30spaRSS 1Starke Verben 2189Stellarium-mobile 66Subway Tooter 109Summoning Wars 17SuperFreezZ 36Super Tux Party 4Susi AI 1886SwitchyOmega 13Tachiyomi 41Teamward 48Tiled 29Tilix 1479tinyMediaManager 14TOK 10Tomb 37Tox 1Trackbook 17Transistor 7TrebleShot 14TRegExpr 6Tremotesf 68Turris 2User-Agent Switcher 70Ubuntu-make 5Unknown Horizons 1434Unity IdM 4Unplayer 1userli 2Venom 64wallabag 28Webcamoid 6Weblate 15Whiskers 6WinCompose 12World-Weather 5XBackBone 588XCSoar 8Xenko 5Crosswords 55Your local weather 46Zrythm

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