Mobicoop Platform's Weblate page officially launched!

Hi everyone,

Mobicoop Platform is the first known open source carpooling platform. Weblate has opened to Mobicoop a page for its Libre AGPL project back in July 2020. But it is only today that we have finished to set it up. Mobicoop Platform web desktop client uses many VueJS component, and so sorry for having to present so much components to everyone.

A special message to @Edanas and @kingu who have already contributed on the trial files put here back in July 2020. Thanks a lot for it! Actually, we have never imagined that it could occur without inviting people ! Thanks ! In addition, for your former contributions to be reimported in weblate, we could need that you both click on the "Accept" button on the License agreement page of the component you have translated.

Have a nice day !

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