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The prefix on the Key name identifies the window within the application where the string is used.

Many of the resources have a comment that ends with (accel). These are text for menus and control labels, and these labels may have shortcut (accelerator) keys assigned to them. The shortcut key letter is marked with an underscore in the text. For example, the text resource with name="MainSearchTypeRegex" has the value of _Regex in English, and it will have a shortcut key of alt+R to select the Regex radio button on the main window. Only add shortcut keys to items with the (accel) annotation in the comment, otherwise the underscore may appear the text and do nothing. The shortcut keys are optional, but recommended for keyboard navigation. On a given window, there should be only one item with each shortcut key, but having more than one will just cause the key action to cycle between them.

Each string resource is used just one place in the application. This allows different languages to translate fluently without needing to accommodate using the string in different contexts.

Some of the strings to be translated contain placeholder tokens that get filled in at runtime by the application code. The tokens look like these examples: {0} {1} {2} {3} and {0:n0} Refer to the existing English text for where they appear. When translating the text, you may change the order of the tokens if that works better in your language, but all of the tokens shown in the English text must appear somewhere in the translated text, or you will get an error.

To preview the translation in dnGrep: on the main Weblate page for each language, choose the menu Files -> Download translation to get a copy of the language as a 'resx' file, for example Weblate will download: dngrep-dngrep-application-de.resx. Change the last dash to a dot (like this: Start dnGrep, open the Options dialog, and choose "Load from file...", and select the downloaded resx file. The translations will be loaded and shown in dnGrep.

Add an "@kingu" in the comments if you need help :)

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