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85Freeplane 3ARandR 10SDAPS 28GetBack GPS 991Unknown Horizons 52Summoning Wars 5Monkeysphere 7123OsmAnd 51Scarry On Lin{e|ux}³ 78CopyQ 26WinCompose 46Gammu 120Weblate 1008phpMyAdmin 751Debian Handbook 157qt5-fsarchiver 29Noosfero 40Taxi Android Open 71Exaile 223Kallithea 10NetMauMau 392Munin for Android 56Webcamoid 105LooWID 20Boilr 171SwitchyOmega 6Blurify 3Jirafeau 162Liberapay 454MyPaint 161Android IMSI-Catcher Detector 453Minetest 13Hangoutsbot 118Crosswords 447KISS 1Indent 92RouteConverter 967F-Droid 2SudokuSolver 20spaRSS 807NewPipe 20Crowdference 4089Andor's Trail 288AndrOBD 29Unplayer 272FreedomBox 9Tremotesf 460Tox 198Sonic Pi 174Tiled 181Metrodroid 163DSC Auto Rename 104Openbmap 15Lexica 31Transistor 2OpenBikeSharing 11Markdown Notes 120eventoL 360Tilix 82Red Moon 26Android Betterpickers 4GtkHash 2205Godot Engine 2qooxdoo 92OpenOrienteering 3Debian Member Portfolio Service 50Debian Reference 63Ghost 12AsteroidOS 13Diet Diary 9AppStream 60JaMuz 49World-Weather 2GNUSim8085 17Commons App 93Debian Edu Documentation 3Duplicati 130Simpletask 15FSearch 4Peek 52wallabag 48Open Event 2Indicator for KDE Connect 2Chibe 29Nelson 12Kaidan 3Trackbook 2Goodvibes 24DoubleContact 38LanguageTool 146Ghini 225Converse.js 54Turris 34Icinga Editor 10Pext 7Dino 176Good Weather 2Android-Open-Radio 88TrebleShot 12bookworm 1Made With Creative Commons 46Nutty 2po4a 62OpenRefine 16RedReader 14Arctica Framework 65Ayatana Indicators 8Skolab Groupware 294Freeyourgadget 5Susi AI 23Teamward 1User-Agent Switcher 4Safe Eyes 84XCSoar 86MailCleaner Anti Spam 12Hunspell 38gnumdk 11SkyTube 24Mind Map Architect 11Debian Installer 8FeedReader 42CityZen 2419iso-codes 21Cagette 49Manuskript 2Coala 3nm-tray 35gImageReader 16GASdottoNG 39GAFAM 63openScale 346Your local weather 1Bodyweight timer for Sailfish OS 1PDF Mix Tool 94tinyMediaManager 38Hiri 23OCCRP 113Tachiyomi 5Sozi 500KeePass DX 349Guake 8Planner 5EasySSH 5Starke Verben 681Piano Booster 232Easer 24DawnlightSearch 8Free Tube 21FluffyChat 51GPXSee 5Activity Tracker 4ONVIFViewer 35ksnip 40GNU Mailman 118Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter 455Subway Tooter 1Volunteers Nowhere 39OnionShare 12Ncmpc 43Me And My Shadow 14Gitcoin 639Jami 2Carburetor 90Safe Surfer 6Athenaeum 34Apple Flinger 290armellolocalization 38Unity IdM 3Loyalty Card Keychain 1Emote Collector 3570SimpleEmail 5GameHub 7Venom 15Invidious 2selfoss 12G-Droid 9Git Manpages 58Sequeler 63Pasang Emas 7PDF Tricks 41CPU-X 14PeerTube 1Etar-Calendar 17GiveMeLyrics 23Xenko 52Guardian Project 24gxi 3Go For It 3NOC 19I Hate Money 4Sandbox

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