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1Activity Tracker 26Android IMSI-Catcher Detector 228Airsonic 75Andor's Trail 2AndrOBD 9Android-Open-Radio 17Apple Flinger 5AppStream 2ARandR 106Arctica Framework 4637armellolocalization 1AsteroidOS 57Ayatana Indicators 1BandcampDownloader 23Baresip 6BetterUntis 115blueman 3bookworm 3Cagette 2CalcPvAutonome 27CaptainFact - Frontend UI 1Chibe 42CI Global Calendar 1Coala 65Commons App 13Converse.js 1CopyQ 6CPU-X 1Crappy Firetitle 1Cyanide 5DawnlightSearch 9DBeaver 28DeadBeef Silica 47Debian Edu Documentation 141Debian Handbook 229Debian Installation Guide 2824Debian Installer 1002Debian Reference 1Doki Doki Mod Manager 6DoubleContact 8DreamChess 31DSC Auto Rename 5Duplicati 8Easer 1EasySSH 9EFN 64Emote Collector 6Escapepod 101Etar-Calendar 4EtchDroid 8eventoL 110Exaile 2081F-Droid 21FeedReader 115Florence Mastodon 2FluffyChat 3FMIT 37FreedomBox 344Freeplane 1Free Tube 7Freeyourgadget 35FSearch 4GAFAM 7Galette 2GameHub 18Gammu 11G-Droid 150Ghini 2Ghost 6gImageReader 309Gitcoin 217Git Manpages 35GitNex 1GiveMeLyrics 6GNU Mailman 18gnumdk 13GNUSim8085 204Godot Engine 10Go For It 3Goodvibes 5Good Weather 1Gradio 2GtkHash 62Guake 331Guardian Project 2Harbour AllRadio 1Harbour MPW 4HgLauncher 5Hiri 4I Hate Money 2Indent 58Invidious 1iso-codes 206isomorphic 850Jami 22JaMuz 2Jirafeau 393Jitsi 4Kaidan 43Kallithea 34KeePass DX 1Kibana 13KISS 251KOReader 2ksnip 2Lexica 16Liberapay 2Linux Containers 2042LK8000 1LooWID 11Loyalty Card Keychain 124Made With Creative Commons 7MailCleaner Anti Spam 14Manuskript 8Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter 25Me And My Shadow 97Meditation Assistant 6Metrodroid 16Minetest 8Mind Map Architect 451Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot 4Munin for Android 28mvplan 20MyPaint 4Navigate CMS 12Ncmpc 24Nelson 58NewPipe 148NOC 185Noosfero 4Nutty 5OCCRP 1OpenBikeSharing 9Openbmap 6Open Event 17OpenOrienteering 29OpenRefine 7openScale 571OpenWrt 19Orisa 318OsmAnd 2Pasang Emas 4PeerTube 7Pext 52PGE-Project 951phpMyAdmin 17Planner 154po4a 152pypa 18qooxdoo 840qt-fsarchiver 1Red Moon 12RedReader 475Remmina 27Requirements Bazaar 5Ricin 1Rockpool 25RouteConverter 3Safe Eyes 1Safe Surfer 8SDAPS 4SDG Metadata 1selfoss 2Sequeler 2SimpleEmail 39Simpletask 4Simple Weather 9Skolab Groupware 2SkyTube 5Scarry On Lin{e|ux} 31Sonic Pi 24Sozi 3spaRSS 3squad 1553Stellarium-mobile 67Subway Tooter 168Summoning Wars 4SuperFreezZ 23Super Tux Party 1Susi AI 2SwitchyOmega 8Tachiyomi 11Teamward 9Tiled 9Tilix 44tinyMediaManager 19TOK 42Tomb 49Tox 1Trackbook 1Transistor 12TrebleShot 24TRegExpr 3Trustroots 16Turris 3User-Agent Switcher 21Unknown Horizons 74Unity IdM 6Unplayer 14userli 4Volunteers Nowhere 28Wafer 10wallabag 2Webcamoid 494Weblate 4WinCompose 6World-Weather 2XBackBone 1256XCSoar 11Xenko 18Crosswords 11Your local weather 70Zrythm

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Source and translation do not both end with a full stop