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Regular expression used to determine shapings of a string.
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Source string comment

What does that mean?

2 months ago

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It's explained in the docs: (but the docs needs extending as well)

2 months ago

Source string comment

Thanks! Now this concept is clear for me => translations done for french ;-).

2 months ago

Resolved comment

Is «Shapings» a self-invented term or is it borrowed from some translation backend?

a month ago

Source string comment

I'm not sure, it was brought up in and nobody came up with a better name.

a month ago

Resolved comment

@nijel, thanks, I can't find any other mentions of the term either, so I assume it's «self-invented»... I was just wondering if it should been synced with some other translation of documentation/common terminology.

a month ago


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No related strings found in the glossary.

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