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Turris OS branch
Cannot update approvals settings.
Cannot change automatic restart settings.
Please report this error to our support team via e-mail: <a href=""></a>.
More detailed information is available in the console of your web browser - on most browsers accessible after pressing Ctrl+Shift+J or F12.
An Error Occurred
Approve Update
NTP Servers
Time Settings
Region Settings
Region and Time
Value must be positive.
Value must be a number.
Maximum number of addresses available for DHCP clients.
DHCP Clients
Cannot rollback automatic restart settings.
Reboot Required
Device Reboot
Advanced Administration (root) Password
Password Settings
Password changed successfully.
Foris Password
Approve Update From %s
Updates will be installed shortly.
Cannot install updates.
Update Approvals
Automatic Restarts After Software Update
Most Important License Agreement Points
Packages List
SMTP Settings
Notifications Settings
Email Notifications
Interface ID
Interface %s %s
Module %s
Base module
There are no interfaces in this group.
You have to assign at least one interface to this group.
Network Interfaces
Cannot mark guide as finished.
Guide Workflow
Cannot set workflow.
Local Server
Forwarder added successfully.
Forwarder saved successfully.
Connection Test
This is not a valid network mask.
The only DHCP lease is the same as router's address. Increase limit or change start address.
Too many addresses requested. Set a lower number or change DHCP start.
Address is already reserved for other purposes.
Address is outside current network.
Minimum lease time is 1 hour.
Invalid network settings. DHCP settings can't be validated.
This translation Translated Turris/reForis
Local Server
Following string has same context and same source.
Translated Turris/Foris
Local Server



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