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Lost your security key or application?
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<a href="%(href)s" title="%(title)s" target="%(target)s" rel="%(rel)s">Upgrade your browser</a> to log in with a security device (e.g. USB key)
보안 장치(예: USB 키)로 로그인 하기 위해서는 <a href="%(href)s" title="%(title)s" target="%(target)s" rel="%(rel)s">브라우저를 업그레이드</a>하세요
Lost your device? Not working? <a href="%(href)s">Get help</a>.
장치를 잃어버렸거나 작동하지 않나요? <a href="%(href)s">도움을 요청하세요</a>.
Authenticate with an app
앱으로 인증하기
Enter authentication code
인증 코드를 입력하세요
<p>Generate a code using the authentication application connected to your PyPI account. Enter this code in the form to verify your identity.</p> <p>Lost your application? Not working? <a href="%(href)s">Get help</a>.</p>
<p>PyPI 계정에 연결된 인증 앱에서 코드를 생성하세요. 코드를 폼에 입력해서 신원을 확인하세요.</p> <p>앱을 잃어버렸거나, 작동하지 않나요? <a href="%(href)s">도움을 요청하세요</a>.</p>
Lost your security key or application?
앱 설정하기
Login using a Recovery Code
<p><strong>You have not generated account recovery codes.</strong></p> <p>If you lose access to your two factor methods, you may lose access to your account. <a href="%(href)s">Get help with recovery codes.</a></p>
Your PyPI account <strong>%(username)s</strong> has been deleted.
PyPI 계정 <strong>%(username)s</strong> 삭제되었습니다.
If you did not make this change, you can email <a href="%(href)s">%(email_address)s</a> to communicate with the PyPI administrators.
이 변경사항을 직접 요청한 것이 아니라면, <a href="%(href)s">%(email_address)s</a> 에 이메일을 보내 PyPI 관리자에게 연락하세요.
You have been added as <strong>%(role)s</strong> to the %(site)s project %(project)s by %(submitter)s.
%(submitter)s 사용자가 당신을 %(site)s의 %(project)s 프로젝트에 <strong>%(role)s</strong> 역할로 추가했습니다.



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