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AIMSICD can only detect FemtoCell connections on CDMA devices. AIMSICD yezmer kan ad yaf tuqqniwin FemtoCell deg ibenkan CDMA.
App is idling or loading. No protection or detection is enabled. Please enable detection. Asnas yensa neɣ yettali-d. Ulac ammesten neɣ tifin yettwafen. Ma ulac aɣilif, rmed tifin n uẓdam!
Automatically start service on boot Senker s wudem awurman ameẓlu di tnekra n yibenk
Exit this app. Ffeɣ seg usnas-agi.
Learn More Issin ugar
Learn More Issin ugar
No downloads for this session. Ulac izedman di tɣimit agi.
No threats detected. Your network is constantly being checked based upon the enabled detection settings. Ulac ayen n dir yettwafen, Asnas-nneɣ yessenqad yal tikelt aẓeṭṭa-ik s kra n walleln n ummesten i tesbaduḍ deg umuq akked ismenyifen.
on the same day each month Deg iwen n wass yal aggur
Stop Seḥbes
The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of %S’s files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. Anagraw n ticraḍ n usebtar d umazray ur iteddu ara acku yiwen seg ifuyla n %S iseqdac-it yakan yiwen n usnas. Kra n iseɣẓanen n tɣellist zemren ad sirewen ugur agi.
The device is too cold Alɣu n lḥamu yudren
There are no downloads. Ulac izedman.
This will replace all of your current bookmarks with the backup. Are you sure? Ayagi ad isemselsi akkw ticraḍ n usebtar imiranen s wayen itḥerzeḍ yakan. Aţnifleḍ?
Unable to acquire ROOT access on your device.AT Command Injection requires ROOT Terminal access.Please check your device is ROOTED and try again. Ur izmir ara ad yeddu s UẒAR ɣef yibenl-ik. Asekcem n tladna AT tesra anekcum AẒAR. Ma ulac aɣilif, wali ma yella ibenk-ik i teddu s uẓar sakin ɛreḍ.
Unable to detect Busybox on your device.AT Command Injection requires Busybox components to function correctly.Please check your device has Busybox installed and try again. Ur izmir ara ad yaf Busybox ɣef yibenk-ik. Taladna AT tesra isuddisen Busybox akken ad teddu akken iwata. Ma ulac aɣilif, wali mayella Busybox yebded ɣef yibenk-ik sakin ɛreḍ.
Vibrate on threat level Senhez ticki yella wayen ur yelhin ara
Weekly on <xliff:g xmlns:xliff="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.2" id="days_of_week">%2$s</xliff:g> Yal dduṛt di <xliff:g xmlns:xliff="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.2" id="days_of_week">%2$s</xliff:g>
You are about to open %S tabs. This might slow down %S while the pages are loading. Are you sure you want to continue? Tsutreḍ-d alduy n %S n yiccaren. Ayagi yezmer ad ilukkez %S ticki ţalind isebtaren. Tebɣiḍ aţeɣleleḍ?

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ignore-end-space, ignore-begin-newline, ignore-end-newline, ignore-begin-space
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