Source Translation
Allow Download Sireg asider
Antenna Map Viewer Takarḍa n tsekwa s umedwel
Copy Download Link Nɣel tansa taɣbalut n uzdam
Display Map in different styles Sken anawen nniḍen n tkarḍa
Download BTS Data Sider isefka BTS
Download error: Tuccḍa n usider:
Go To Download Page Ddu ɣer usebtar n uzdam
Map Type Takarḍa
Map Viewer Preferences Ismenyifen n tkarḍa
Remove File or Allow Download Kkes afaylu neɣ sireg asider
Unable to download OpenCellID data without Internet connectivity, please enable data connection! Ur izmir ara ad d-isider isefka OpenCellID s war tuqqna Internet, red tuqqna n isefka!

Source information

ignore-end-space, ignore-begin-newline, ignore-begin-space, ignore-end-newline
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3 years ago
Translation file
OsmAnd/res/values-b+kab/strings.xml, string 875
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