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No downloads for this session. Ulac izedman di tɣimit agi.
For security reasons, javascript or data urls cannot be loaded from the history window or sidebar. I teɣẓint n taɣellist, tansiwin URL n javascript or tansiwin urls nisefka ur d-ţalint ara seg usfaylu amazrayan neɣ agalis adisan.
This will replace all of your current bookmarks with the backup. Are you sure? Ayagi ad isemselsi akkw ticraḍ n usebtar imiranen s wayen itḥerzeḍ yakan. Aţnifleḍ?
Select a bookmarks backup Fren akles n ticraḍ n usebtar
Unable to process the backup file. Urizmir ara ad isleḍ afaylu n uklas.
You are about to open %S tabs. This might slow down %S while the pages are loading. Are you sure you want to continue? Tsutreḍ-d alduy n %S n yiccaren. Ayagi yezmer ad ilukkez %S ticki ţalind isebtaren. Tebɣiḍ aţeɣleleḍ?
The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of %S’s files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. Anagraw n ticraḍ n usebtar d umazray ur iteddu ara acku yiwen seg ifuyla n %S iseqdac-it yakan yiwen n usnas. Kra n iseɣẓanen n tɣellist zemren ad sirewen ugur agi.
Please input a number greater than or equal to %1$s Sekcem amḍan ygaren neɣ yegdan %1$s
Please input a number less than or equal to %1$s Sekcem amḍan daw neɣ yegdan %1$s
Please input a number between %1$s and %2$s Sekcem amḍan gar %1$s akked %2$s
The time entered lays too far in the future Akud i tsekcmeḍ ibɛed aṭas ar zdat
The time entered lays too far in the past Akud i tsekcmeḍ ibɛed aṭas ar deffir
Month grid of days Tafelwit s waggur
on the same day each month Deg iwen n wass yal aggur
Until a date Arama d azemz
For a number of events I kra n umdan n tedyanin
The device is too cold Alɣu n lḥamu yudren
USB tethering in use Aseqdec USB iteddu
MTP mode in use Askar MTP iteddu
Mass storage in use Amkan n usekles yettwaseqdac
SDK mode in use Askar SDK yettwaseqdac
Sync-and-connect in use Amtawi d tuqqna ttwaseqdacen
ADB mode in use Askar ADB yettwaseqdac
Diag mode in use Askar Diag yettwaseqdac
Android-based project to detect and avoid fake base stations (IMSI-Catchers) in GSM/UMTS Networks. Asenfaṛ yebna ɣef Android, yettwafṣel i tifin d uzgel n tiɣsar tizadurin (IMSI-Catchers) deg iẓedwa GSM/UMTS.
Service will continue to run after exiting the application (uncheck to fully close) Ameẓlu ad ikemmel ad yeddu seld tuffɣa seg usnas (kkes ṛṛcem akken ad teffɣeḍ meṛṛa seg umeẓlu)
Control the frequency of device updatesCurrent selection: %s Asenqed n tesnigert n uleqqem n isefka Afran amiran: %s
Display Map in different styles Sken anawen nniḍen n tkarḍa
No threats detected. Your network is constantly being checked based upon the enabled detection settings. Ulac ayen n dir yettwafen, Asnas-nneɣ yessenqad yal tikelt aẓeṭṭa-ik s kra n walleln n ummesten i tesbaduḍ deg umuq akked ismenyifen.
Cell ID not in OpenCellID Database! Asulay ID n tebniqt ulac-itt di taffa n isefka OpenCellID!
Downloads the OpenCellID Database. Ad d-isider taffa n isefka n OpenCellID.
Uploads your BTS to the OpenCellID Database. Ad isali BTS-ik ar taffa n isefka OpenCellID.
Exit this app. Ffeɣ seg usnas-agi.

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