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ADB mode in use Askar ADB yettwaseqdac
Android-based project to detect and avoid fake base stations (IMSI-Catchers) in GSM/UMTS Networks. Asenfaṛ yebna ɣef Android, yettwafṣel i tifin d uzgel n tiɣsar tizadurin (IMSI-Catchers) deg iẓedwa GSM/UMTS.
Cell ID not in OpenCellID Database! Asulay ID n tebniqt ulac-itt di taffa n isefka OpenCellID!
Diag mode in use Askar Diag yettwaseqdac
Display Map in different styles Sken anawen nniḍen n tkarḍa
Mass storage in use Amkan n usekles yettwaseqdac
Month grid of days Tafelwit s waggur
MTP mode in use Askar MTP iteddu
on the same day each month Deg iwen n wass yal aggur
SDK mode in use Askar SDK yettwaseqdac
Select month and day Fren aggur akked wass
Sync-and-connect in use Amtawi d tuqqna ttwaseqdacen
The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of %S’s files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. Anagraw n ticraḍ n usebtar d umazray ur iteddu ara acku yiwen seg ifuyla n %S iseqdac-it yakan yiwen n usnas. Kra n iseɣẓanen n tɣellist zemren ad sirewen ugur agi.
The time entered lays too far in the future Akud i tsekcmeḍ ibɛed aṭas ar zdat
The time entered lays too far in the past Akud i tsekcmeḍ ibɛed aṭas ar deffir
USB tethering in use Aseqdec USB iteddu

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