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Disconnect charger from power supply to save energy Kkes Aseččaṛ seg tfasa akken ad tḥ€rzeḍ aseccaṛ
Entering power save mode Sekcem askar n uḥraz n tfasa
Exiting power save mode Tuffɣa seg uskar n uḥraz n tfasa
Power input below charging threshold Ulac ddeqs n tfasa n taččart
Sort by &Location &Smizzwer s tensa
Sort by Added Smizzwer s wazemz n tmerna
Sort by Description Smizzwer s uglam
Sort by Last Modified Smizzwer s wazemz n usnifel aneggaru
Sort by Name Asmizzwer s yisem
Sort by Name Asmizzwer s yisem
Sort by Tags Smizzwer s tebzimt
Sort by Visit &Count Smizzéwer s umḍan n tmerziwt
Sort ‘%S’ by Name Smizzwer ‘%S' s yisem
The bookmarks and history system will not be functional because one of %S’s files is in use by another application. Some security software can cause this problem. Anagraw n ticraḍ n usebtar d umazray ur iteddu ara acku yiwen seg ifuyla n %S iseqdac-it yakan yiwen n usnas. Kra n iseɣẓanen n tɣellist zemren ad sirewen ugur agi.

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