Parking Position (external plugin)
Parking Position
This plugin enriches the OsmAnd map and navigation app to also produce nautical maps for boating, sailing, and other types of watersports.

A special map add-on for OsmAnd will provide all nautical navigation marks and chart symbols, for inland as well as for nearshore navigation. The description of each navigation mark provides the details needed to identify them and their meaning (category, shape, color, sequence, reference, etc.).

To return to one of OsmAnd's conventional map styles, simply either de-activate this plugin again, or change the 'Map style' under 'Configure map' as desired.
Ski map view
This plugin for OsmAnd puts at your fingertips details of global downhill ski slopes, cross country ski runs, Alpine ski routes, cable cars and ski lifts. Routes and pistes are shown color-coded by difficulty, and depicted in a special 'Winter' map style which assimilates a snow-colored winter landscape.

Activating this view changes the map style to 'Winter and ski', showing all landscape features under wintry conditions. This view can be reverted by either de-activating it again here, or by changing the 'Map style' under 'Configure map' as desired.
Audio/video notes
The Audio/video notes plugin provides the functionality to take audio/photography/video notes during a trip, using either a button on the map screen, or directly the context menu for any position on the map.
Parking Position
Ategyn Safle Parcio
The parking position plugin lets you record where your car is parked and how much parking time is left (if there is a time limit).
Both the location and time are visible on the OsmAnd dashboard as well as in a widget on the map screen. An alarm can be added to the Android calendar as a reminder.
Mae hyn yn ategyn yn caniatáu i storio y lleoliad eich car wedi parcio.
Distance calculator & planning tool
This plugin provides a map screen widget allowing creation of paths by tapping the map, or by using or modifying existing GPX files, to plan a trip and measure the distance between points. The results can be saved as a GPX file, which can later be used for guidance.
This plugin makes the device's accessibility features available directly in OsmAnd. It facilitates e.g. adjusting the speech rate for TTS voices, configuring directional-pad screen navigation, using a trackball for zoom control, or text-to-speech feedback, for example to auto announcing your position.
Dangos gosodiadau ar gyfer nodweddion hygyrchedd arbennig.




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