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Repomaker Flatpak
This effort definitely needs help, and **[@\_hc](** has proposed to allocate some of F-Droid's resources to the cause. More help still is needed, so he also put out a [Call for Help]( on the forum. Please have a look to see if there's something you could do.
F-Droid buildserver container
**[@Bubu](** has been working on a Docker container of the buildserver which can run all F-Droid builds. It should become usable by app developers, so they can run it locally and test their apps against it. So far it looks to be a little over 7 GB, which is a lot better than the >30GB VM image. What's still missing is the ability to download missing NDK versions on demand.
F-Droid article in c't magazine
Our own **[@Izzy](** is writing a 3-part series for the German computer magazine **c't**. The first part just came out, and you can have a sneak peek [here](, or buy **c't** 25 at your local news stand.
Repomaker Flatpak
Representante (Repomaker)
**[@nicoalt](** is making good progress on packaging [Repomaker]( as a flatpak. It's not finished yet, but he's getting close. We are also happy to report that we had good response to our call for help on Mastodon, and now have **[@Persival](** working on the flatpak continuously!
TWIF Call for Help
And finally, yours truly had a drastic reduction in the amount of available spare time, in the shape of a new job. This impacts {{ page.twifTag }}, as it needs to be written in 50% less time from now on. I put out a [call for help]( on the forum and on Mastodon, and I love how **[@vanitasvitae](** has picked up the gauntlet and is adding missing changelogs to the [metadata](, like [here]( and [here]( There were also some good submissions to the {{ page.twifThread }}.
Nevertheless, ongoing help is needed! Please have a look at the [forum thread](, send in tips, or better yet, complete news items. I'm also looking for someone who would be interested in writing at least one TWIF a month.
* **[Frost for Facebook](** is a fully functional web wrapper, with many unique and native features:
* True multi user interactions
* Better multitasking
* Contextual awareness
* Material Design
* Complete theme engine
* Fully opened
* Fixes the little things




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