type: Plain text
This is converted to (`<name>`) in the XML file (_index.xml_).
This field cannot represent the complexity of licenses that apply to parts of the app, or apps that have the entire thing released under more than one license.
Este campo no puede representar la complejidad de las licencias que se aplican a partes de la aplicación, o aplicaciones que tienen código liberado bajo más de una licencia.
This is converted to (`<license>`) in the XML file (_index.xml_).
Esto se convierte a (`<license>`) en el archivo XML (_index.xml_).
7.5 _AutoName_<a name="AutoName"></a>
7.5 _AutoName_<a name="AutoName"></a>
The name of the application as can best be retrieved from the source code. This is done so that the commitupdates script can put a familiar name in the description of commits created when a new update of the application is found. The _AutoName_ entry is generated automatically when `fdroid checkupdates` is run.
El nombre de la aplicación que mejor se puede recuperar del código fuente. Esto se hace para que el script commitupdates pueda poner un nombre familiar en la descripción de los commits creados cuando se encuentra una nueva actualización de la aplicación. La entrada _AutoName_ se genera automáticamente cuando se ejecuta `fdroid checkupdates'.
__Warning__: this overrides all Name entries [set in the app's source code](../All_About_Descriptions_Graphics_and_Screenshots).
This is converted to (`<name>`) in the XML file (_index.xml_).
Esto se convierte en (' <name> ') en el archivo XML (_index. XML _).
7.6 _Name_<a name="Name"></a>
7.6 Nombre<a name="Name"></a>
The name of the application. Normally, this field should not be present since the application’s correct name is retrieved from the APK file. However, in a situation where an APK contains a bad or missing application name, it can be overridden using this. Note that this only overrides the name in the list of apps presented in the client; it doesn’t changed the name or application label in the source code.
7.7 _Provides_<a name="Provides"></a>
7.9 Código fuente<a name="SourceCode"></a>
Comma-separated list of application IDs that this app provides. In other words, if the user has any of these apps installed, F-Droid will show this app as installed instead. It will also appear if the user clicks on urls linking to the other app IDs. Useful when an app switches package name, or when you want an app to act as multiple apps.
Currently this functionality is a stub.



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