as in software updates
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Roboe 2 years ago Translation comment

Tenemos el mismo problema que el alemán con esta cadena:

En el nuevo diseño solo se muestra «Actualizac». «Novedades» tampoco parece caber, sin contar con que pierde semántica y puede llevar a equívoco con las aplicaciones de reciente inclusión, también catalogadas como «novedades».


adria 2 years ago Translation comment

Totalmente de acuerdo. En alemán me preocuparía más "In der" que debe ser "In der Nähe" ya que pierde toda la semántica.
En todo caso, y volviendo al tema que nos ocupa, no me gusta lo que sugiero pero diría "Nuevo", "Lo nuevo" o "Lo último".

Roboe a year ago Translation comment

Gracias por tus sugerencias, Adrià. Creo que «lo nuevo» se entiende como la primera pestaña, las actualizaciones del repo. Creo que lo dejaremos en «avisos» si te parece bien, porque he entendido finalmente que se refiere a las «actualizaciones informativas» para el usuario: tienes tantas aplicaciones para actualizar, estoy actualizando (o bajando) estas otras y terminé de actualizar estas últimas. ¿Qué te parece?

eighthave 5 months ago Source string comment

The word here should be short and succinct, like not more than 9 characters ideally. It is not directly "software updates" but more generic. It is something like "todos" and "messages" or even "inbox". It is a single place to view messages about things that F-Droid thinks need the user to know about.

ldmpub 5 months ago Source string comment

Please pay particular attention to the source / english / original wording in this context.
'Message' or 'To do' or 'Inbox' or 'Udpates' or 'Notification' or 'Activity' or 'New' or 'Unread' or 'Recent' or ... are words with different meanings and should be chosen carefully because translators can introduce variations and finally user relying on labels to perform correct actions in the app.

eighthave 5 months ago Source string comment

The updates tab isn't only about software updates. It is also about queued offline installs, in progress installs, known vulnerabilities, and in the future, also donation reminders and other things. In English, you can also say "do you have an update on your progress?" or "Keep me updated on how things are going". That combined with "software updates" is why the tab is called "Updates". Ideally, the Updates Tab would actually be a different word than the word used for "software update" to highlight that the Updates Tab is more than just software updates.

eighthave 5 months ago Source string comment

This string is the button label in the Bottom Navigation Bar, here are some guidelines:

eighthave 4 months ago Source string comment

critdroid asked to have a separate string for the Updates title in Settings. I made it, but now after thinking about that for a bit, I think that in most cases, the title in Settings should match the title on the Bottom Bar Nav menu. The Updates settings like "Over Wi-Fi" and "Over Data" also control things like new installs, screenshots, icons, etc. Or maybe it should be different than the Updates menu, but not just only "software updates" but something like "Downloads and Updates"

un-logic 3 months ago Source string comment

@Hans-Christoph Steiner
How about renaming 'Updates' tab to 'Pending' then? It's short and quite broad yet reflects meaning pretty well. Also it is being used by other packet managing software for a while.

eighthave 3 months ago Source string comment

"Pending" is in interesting idea, the "Updates" tab definitely has that idea in it. I'm not sure how widely understood or used the word "Pending" is though. It feels like jargon to me.

critdroid 5 days ago Source string comment

This is the headline for update settings as shown in


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