The app store that respects freedom and privacy
El repositorio de aplicaciones que respeta la libertad y la privacidad
F-Droid is an installable catalogue of libre software
apps for Android. The F-Droid client app makes it
easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

It connects to any F-Droid compatible repositories. The default repo
is hosted at, which contains only bona fide libre software.

Android itself is open in the sense that you are free to install APKs
from anywhere you wish, but there are many good reasons for using
F-Droid as your libre software app manager:

* Get notified when updates are available
* Optionally download and install updates automatically
* Keep track of older and beta versions
* Filter out apps uncompatible with the device
* Find apps via categories and searchable descriptions
* Access associated URLs for donations, source code etc.
* Stay safe by checking repo index signatures and APK hashes
F-Droid es un catálogo instalable de aplicaciones de software libre para Android.
La aplicación cliente de F-Droid facilita la navegación, la instalación
y el seguimiento de las actualizaciones en tu dispositivo.

Se conecta a cualquier repositorio compatible con F-Droid. El repositorio predeterminado
está alojado en, que contiene solamente, de buena fe, software libre.

Android en sí mismo es abierto en el sentido de que permite instalar aplicaciones
desde cualquier lugar que desee, pero hay muchas buenas razones para usar
F-Droid como su gestor de aplicaciones de software libre:

* Recibir notificaciones cuando hay actualizaciones disponibles
* Opcionalmente descargar e instalar actualizaciones automáticamente
* Llevar un seguimiento de versiones antiguas o betas
* Filtrar aplicaciones que no son compatibles con el dispositivo
* Encontrar aplicaciones a través de categorías y búsqueda de descripciones
* Acceso a URLs asociadas para donaciones, código fuente, etc.
* Mantener la seguridad comprobando las firmas del índice del repo y las funciones «hash» de los ejecutables APK
* Updated translations
* Fixed button size issues #1678
* Stopped random background crashes
* Latest Tab now highlights apps that provide descriptions, translations, screenshots

* Auto-download from mirrors, to speed up downloads and reduce load on

* Disable mirrors using new switches in RepoDetails (#1696)

* More efficient download caching (per-repo; across different webservers #1708)

* Fix installs requiring Unknown Sources with Privileged Extension (#1702)

* Fix missing icons for those not using Wi-Fi (#1592)

* Improved translations for Updates tab vs preference
* Switches added to RepoDetails to turn off any or all mirrors (#1696)

* Choice of random mirror for each package/APK download

* All APK downloads cached per-repo, not per-mirror

* Handle Apache and NGINX ETags when checking if index is current (#1708)
* Agregados interruptores a los detalles del Repo para desactivar alguna o todas las réplicas (#1696)

* Elección de réplica aleatoria para cada descarga de paquete/APK

* Todas las descargas de APK se guardan en caché por repo, no por réplica

* Gestión de ETags de Apache y NGINX ETags cuando se comprueba si el índice está actualizado (#1708)
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critdroid 2 months ago Source string comment

Sorry, but that sucks! Would it be possible to think about content, spelling, etc. first before submitting strings to Weblate instead of changing them every few days? Again already existing translations were thrown out for replacing some lower cases by upper cases, FOSS by Libre software and more basically meaningless "improvements". There are several duplicates in this project. What for? I'm feeling like an idiot.

eighthave 2 months ago Source string comment

Like Allan said, we're testing a new feature that lets apps translate the fdroid/play descriptions directly in Weblate. Its a great new feature, but is very new, so there will still be more bugs. If you don't want to deal with them, don't work on the "metadata" translations for a while. We would appreciate your help getting this new feature stable! You can do that by working with the new metadata translations and reporting issues. The best place to report bugs like that is in Weblate's Github issue tracker.

eighthave 2 months ago Source string comment

There is also some discussion on this topic here:


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