Installing GRUB boot loader?
Type: boolean
Install GRUB?
You will only need to do this once. Afterwards, enter the "boot" command or reboot the system to proceed to your newly installed system.
Kinakailangan lang ninyong gawin ito ng isang beses. Matapos nito, ipasok ang "boot" na utos o i-reboot ang sistema upang magpatuloy sa inyong bagong luklok na sistema.
Alternatively, you will be able to boot the kernel manually by entering, at the firmware prompt:
Sa halip, maaari kayong mag-boot ng kernel ng mano-mano sa pamamagitan ng pagbigay sa firmware prompt ng:
Some variables need to be set in CFE in order for your system to boot automatically. At the end of installation, the system will reboot. At the firmware prompt, set the following variables to simplify booting:
May mga variable na kailangang itakda sa CFE upang mag-boot ng awtomatiko. Sa katapusan ng pagluklok, mag-re-reboot ang sistema. Sa firmware prompt, itakda ang mga sumusunod na mga firmware variable upang mapadali ang booting:
You will only need to do this once. This enables you to just issue the command "boot_debian" at the CFE prompt.
Kinakailangang gawin ito ng isang beses lamang. Dahil dito ay maaaring magbigay ng utos na "boot_debian" sa CFE prompt.
If you prefer to auto-boot on every startup, you can set the following variable in addition to the ones above:
Kung nais na mag-auto-boot tuwing startup, maaaring itakda ang mga sumusunod na mga variable bukod sa mga nakalista sa itaas:
Install GRUB?
Nagluluklok ng GRUB boot loader
GRUB 2 is the next generation of GNU GRUB, the boot loader that is commonly used on i386/amd64 PCs. It is now also available for ${ARCH}.
It has interesting new features but is still experimental software for this architecture. If you choose to install it, you should be prepared for breakage, and have an idea on how to recover your system if it becomes unbootable. You're advised not to try this in production environments.
Install the Arcboot boot loader on a hard disk
Mag-install ng Arcboot boot loader sa hard disk
Disk for boot loader installation:
Disk para sa pagluklok ng boot loader:
Arcboot must be installed into the volume header of a disk with a SGI disklabel. Usually the volume header of /dev/sda is used. Please give the device name of the disk on which to put arcboot.
Kailangang ma-install ang arcboot sa volume header ng disk na mayroong SGI disklabel. Kadalasang gamit ang volume header ng /dev/sda. Ibigay ang pangalan ng device ng disk kung saan ilalagay ang arcboot.




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