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Key English Location Assigned screenshots Actions
gui.advancedView.checkbox A&dvanced view 1 View
gui.alias.label Key &alias 1 View
gui.appendSignature.checkbox Append si&gnature to the existing ones 1 View
gui.browse.button Browse ... 1 View
gui.certLevel.label &Certification level 1 View Co&ntact (optional) 1 View
gui.encryptionCertFile.label Certificate file for encryption 1 View
gui.hashAlgorithm.label &Hash algorithm 1 View
gui.inPdfFile.label &Input PDF file 1 View
gui.keyPassword.label Key pass&word 1 View
gui.keystoreFile.label &Keystore file 1 View
gui.keystorePassword.label Keystore &password 1 View
gui.keystoreType.label Keystore &type 1 View


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