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  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
Translation license GNU Free Documentation License v1.3 or later
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Number of words 10,308
Number of characters 72,544
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Number of source strings 94
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Number of source characters 5,757

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Zrythm / manual/getting-started

Repository has changes. 8 days ago

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Zrythm / manual/getting-startedPortuguese

Committed changes 8 days ago
Supports the free LV2 plugin format, with added support for VST.
Suporta o formato delivre do plugin LV2 livre, com suporte adicional para o VST.
8 days ago
LV2 and VST plugins
Plug-ins LV2 e VST
8 days ago
A JACK patchbay such as `QjackCtl <>`_, `Catia <>`_ or `Ingen <>`_
Um patchbay JACK como `QjackCtl <>`_, `Catia <>`_ e `Ingen <>`_
8 days ago
Unix-compatible OS or Windows
SO compatível com Unix ou Windows
8 days ago
When using JACK, JACK needs to be set up and configured before running Zrythm. You will find lots of information online about how to configure JACK, so we will skip this part.
Ao usar JACK, JACK precisa ser configurado e configurado antes de executar Zrythm. Encontrará muitas informações online sobre como configurar o JACK, por isso vamos pular esta parte.
8 days ago
A Windows installer is available for purchase at the `Download <>`_ page on our website.
PodeUm instalar a versão mais recente do Zrythm para a sua distro `ddor do Windows está disponível para compra na página de d'Descarrageegamentos < project = home% 3Aalextee & package = zrythm>`_ nao nossa webo site.
8 days ago
**OpenSUSE Tumbleweed** - x86_64
**OpenSUSE Tumbleweed** - x86_64
8 days ago
**Debian 9 & 10** - amd64
**Debian 9 & 10** - amd64
8 days ago
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