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Instructions for translators

Whisperfish exists in a few languages already:

  • 🇩🇪 German (de), by Stephan Lohse
  • 🇪🇸 Spanish (es), by carlosgonz
  • 🇫🇮 Finnish (fi), by Markus entil Törnqvist
  • 🇫🇷 French (fr), by Thibaut Vandervelden
  • 🇭🇺 Hungarian (hu), by 1Zgp
  • 🇳🇱 Dutch (nl) and 🇧🇪 Belgian 🏴‍☠️ Arrrrgh Dutch (nl_BE) by Ruben rubdos De Smet and Nathan nthn.
  • 🇳🇴 Norse (no_NO), by Allan kingu Nordhøy
  • 🇵🇱 Polish (pl), by paytchoo
  • 🇵🇹 Portuguese (pt_PT), by Júlio iled
  • 🇹🇷 Turkish (tr), by Oğuz ersen Ersen
  • 🇨🇳 Simplified Chinese (zh_CN), by dashinfantry

If you translated something, please update this list! These credits are really important to me 😄! I'm very grateful for this good work!

Additionally, there's the small contributions of single words by many people on Weblate. The translations there are moving really fast, faster than we can update the above list. Thank you all who contributed!

Translations are never complete, especially since Whisperfish is moving very fast. Our progress can be seen here:

Whisperfish translation progress

How to update translations

There are two ways to contribute translations.

Via Weblate

We created a Weblate page. On that page, you can easily alter the translations via a web interface. These changes are then pushed by Weblate to our repository here.

Manually, with Git

If you prefer, you can manually edit the .ts files, or use the software of your choice to edit the Qt linguist files. Changing translations strings is pretty simple:

  1. Get in the repository
  2. Find your language in translations/, open the respective .ts file.
  3. Find the translatable string and change the contents between <translation> and </translation>. If the starting tag is <translation type="unfinished">, change it to <translation>.
  4. Save the file, commit (with a message saying you updated the translation), and make a merge request.

Additionally, you may want to look specifically for strings with type="unfinished" (by using your text editor to search for "unfinished"), because those strings need to be looked after. Strings tagged with type="unfinished" have recently been touched in the application itself, may have changed their meaning slightly, or are entirely new.

Qt Linguist is also an application with a GUI to facilitate translations. Essentially, using it will replace step 3. above. You can get Qt Linguist from the Qt bundle or you can just download the standalone app. Open the .ts file from within the app, then it will automatically detect and list the strings that need to be translated.

Translate Whisperfish a new language

If you would like to contribute a translation for a new language, you'll need a new translation file.

You can either use Weblate (see above), or manually add the file:

  1. First, you need to know your language identifier. Examples are nl_BE, nl, de, or zh_CN.

  2. Generate the translation file, execute the following command in the Whisperfish source's root directory: sh lupdate qml/ -noobsolete -ts translations/harbour-whisperfish-$LANG.ts

This should generate a file translations/harbour-whisperfish-$LANG.ts. If you do not have the lupdate utility, [get in touch with Ruben](Contact-Us), he'll create your file.

Important: please create a merge request as soon as you create your new file, before starting to translate. We've had it happen that two people write a complete translation from scratch one day apart.

About updating the QML files or English source material.

If you want to update the English translation, or when you make an update to the QML files, you'll need to update all the translation files, because they refer to specific line numbers in the source files. You can run ./ in the source directory for this.

You also need to run this script when the source material (English source translation) changes; this will update the source strings in the language files and will invalidate the translated strings.

You can only alter the English source language in the QML files. This is an artifact of how Qt Linguist seems works.

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Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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