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Application: Languages This component is linked to the Weblate/Application repository. GPL-3.0 2
Application: Javascript This component is linked to the Weblate/Application repository. GPL-3.0
Hosted: Legal GPL-3.0
Hosted GPL-3.0
Hosted: Error pages This component is linked to the Weblate/Hosted: Legal repository. GPL-3.0

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Weblate / WebsiteChinese (Simplified)

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8 days ago
Native support for software development sites such as GitLab, GitHub, Pagure, or Bitbucket.
原生支持许多软件开发网站,例如 GitLab、GitHub、Pagure 和 Bitbucket 的软件开发网站
12 days ago
Talks directly with your version control system, currently Git and Mercurial are supported.
直接对接您的版本控制系统对话,目前支持 Git 和 Mercurial。
12 days ago
Compare Cloud and Self-hosted Features
12 days ago
Our team is ready to help you make Weblate run smoothly.
我们的团队随时帮助您使 Weblate平顺 平稳运行。
12 days ago
Priority bug fixing
优先修复b Bug
12 days ago
<b>14-day gratis trial</b> included in all cloud plans
所有的云套餐都包含<b> 14 天免费试用</b>
12 days ago
Hosted Weblate allows localization without any extra effort, and <strong>premium support</strong> backed by core developers and professional translators. Ask about hosting of larger projects, or let us answer your questions by <a href="%(contact)s">getting in touch</a>—we are ready to find the perfect solution.
托管的 Weblate 无需任何额外的工作即可进行本地化,并得到了心开发人员和专业翻译人员的<strong>高级支持</strong>。询问有关托管大型项目的信息,或者让我们通过<a href="%(contact)s">取得联系</a>咨询有关托管大型项目的信息,或者让我们来回答您的问题,我们随时可以找到理想的解决方案。
12 days ago
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12 days ago
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