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Additional translations and contributions of further languages are very welcome! If you intend to add a new language, make sure it's supported in webtrees itself (see for translations of webtrees).

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2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Display an individual's XREF after the name.
Zobraziť XREF osoby po mene.
2 weeks ago
Display a family's XREF after the name.
Zobraziť XREF rodiny po mene.
2 weeks ago
Append XREFs to names
Pripojiť XREF k menám
2 weeks ago
Webtrees crops thumbnails in order to produce images with a consistent width and height. This is problematic if you have images of individals with a non-standard aspect ratio, where the head of the respective person is not centered and may therefore be cut off. Deselect this option to handle these cases.
webtrees orezáva náhľady obrázkov tak, aby sa obrázky zobrazovali v konzistentnej šírke a výške. Ak máte obrázky osôb s neštandrardným pomerom strán a tvár osoby nie je v strede môže prísť k nesprávnemu orezaniu. Zrušte túto voľbu, ak chcete, aby nedošlo k orezaniu náhľadu.
2 weeks ago
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