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SuperFreezZ / SuperFreezZChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes 3 hours ago
Turning this on lets you automatically freeze apps.

• No user interaction: Faster. No need to know how to do it.
• Disabled users can use the freeze shortcut (via speech recognition, for example), freezing all apps automatically.

SuperFreezZ uses the accessibility service when tapping "FORCE STOP", "OK", and "Back". Retrieval of window content finds these buttons, and observation of actions is needed to know when they appear.

The accessibility service can also be used to lock the screen after freezing on newer Android versions.



21 hours ago
You will have to press "FORCE STOP", "OK" and "Back" manually to freeze an app.
• Slow devices
• Security concerns
• No registration of SuperFreezZ as an accessibility service
要冻结一个App, 您必须按下强制停止,点击确定并手动返回
• 低端
• 运行缓慢的
• 安全担忧
21 hours ago
• Ease of use
• Freezing a lot of apps
• 易于使用
• 冻结大量Aapp
21 hours ago
UsageStats access makes it possible for SuperFreezZ to freeze apps only if you did not use them for some time (INTELLIGENT FREEZE).
21 hours ago
Unexpected error. Report using…
意料之外的错误 报告使用…
21 hours ago
New contributor 21 hours ago

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SuperFreezZ / SuperFreezZChinese (Simplified)

Committed changes 5 days ago
Examples of apps that deserve to be frozen:

• Untrusted apps (that you do not want to have running in the background)
• Apps you rarely use
• Annoying apps

6 days ago

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SuperFreezZ / SuperFreezZChinese (Simplified)

Examples of apps that deserve to be frozen:

• Untrusted apps (that you do not want to have running in the background)
• Apps you rarely use
• Annoying apps
6 days ago
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