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User avatar ZeiP authored 2 months ago
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Filemask translations/harbour-hostisdown-*.ts
Translation file Download translations/harbour-hostisdown-fi.ts
Poller interval in minutes
Valvojan väli minuuteissa
2 months ago
Pings every N minutes all hosts in the history
Pingaa joka N:s minuutti kaikkia historiassa olevia palvelimia
2 months ago
Enable poller
Ota valvoja käyttöön
2 months ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
Ping it
2 months ago
Use IPv6
Käytä IPv6:tta
2 months ago
An IP address or hostname
Palvelimen osoite tai IP-osoite
2 months ago
User avatar ZeiP

Translation changed

Harbour HostIsDown / TranslationsFinnish

Ping any host!
Pingaa mitä tahansa palvlelinta!
2 months ago
Ping any host!
Pingaa mitä tahansa palvleinta!
2 months ago
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