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FreedomBox is a private server for non-experts: it lets you install and configure server applications with only a few clicks. It runs on cheap hardware of your choice, uses your internet connection and power, and is under your control.

FreedomBox: This is the primary component of the project. It is the web interface that users interact with to install apps and configure the home server that is FreedomBox. FreedomBox has a dozens of apps each satisfying the needs of a particular user.

Android App: FreedomBox has a companion app for the Android mobile phones that is publish in F-Droid free software app store as well as Google's play store. This app is useful in discovering FreedomBox (that may not be connected to a monitor) during first time setup and to help users in installing various apps that help in using the services of FreedomBox on an Android phone. Website: Most users discover FreedomBox by starting at the website through search, news and social media posts. A typical user may spend only a few minutes on the website before deciding if FreedomBox is some thing they should pursue. The new design of the website is done with this in mind. It explains in the simplest ways what a FreedomBox is, the principles behind it, how to easily obtain it (buy vs. build) and how to participate in the community. Translating this component will give your language's speakers the best first impressions of the project.

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