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EVMap is an open source Android app to find electric vehicle charging stations. Thanks for helping translate the app! I have added the app to Weblate relatively recently ( - let me know if there is anything that can be improved about the translation process.

New languages will be added to Weblate on request, and included into the app once most of the strings have been translated.

Because there are three different build variants of the app (F-Droid, Play Store and Android Automotive OS) there are a couple of variant-specific strings, which reside in separate components.

Note that the translation only applies to the app itself, not to information provided by its data sources (such as names and descriptions of charging stations): - The data source has chargers in many European countries, but best coverage in the German-speaking area and details mostly in German language. - The OpenChargeMap data source has chargers all over the world, but with drastically varying coverage and quality depending on available imports from open data sources and activity of the local community. Details are usually either in local languages or in English. - An OpenStreetMap data source will be implemented in the future. So to make the app really useful in a new country, it may not only be required to translate the strings, but also to implement a local data source or contribute data to one of the existing ones.

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