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The generalization of UTF-8 encoding has been a long awaited solution to numerous difficulties with interoperability, since it facilitates international exchange and removes the arbitrary limits on characters that can be used in a document. The one drawback is that it had to go through a rather difficult transition phase. Since it could not be completely transparent (that is, it could not happen at the same time all over the world), two conversion operations were required: one on file contents, and the other on filenames. Fortunately, the bulk of this migration has been completed and we discuss it largely for reference.
尽管它去除字符上的任何限制使之在文档使用上没有任何问题,促进了国际化交换 ,但是总体上 UTF-8 编码作为一个期待已久的解决方案在互通上困难重重。其中一个弊病是它必须经历一个相当困难的过度过程。它并不能做到完全透明(这是说,它无法做到整个世界同时切换),需要两个转换操作:一个是在文件内容,一个在文件名。幸运的是大部分工作已经完成了,在更很大程度上我们讨论它作为一种参考。
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<indexterm><primary><literal>azerty</literal></primary></indexterm>The questions are relevant to the physical keyboard layout (a standard PC keyboard in the US will be a “Generic 104 key”), then the layout to choose (generally “US”), and then the position of the AltGr key (right Alt). Finally comes the question of the key to use for the “Compose key”, which allows for entering special characters by combining keystrokes. Type successively <keycombo action="seq"><keycap>Compose</keycap><keycap>'</keycap><keycap>e</keycap></keycombo> and produce an e-acute (“é”). All these combinations are described in the <filename>/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose</filename> file (or another file, determined according to the current locale indicated by <filename>/usr/share/X11/locale/compose.dir</filename>).
<indexterm><primary><literal>azerty(一种法文键盘布局)</literal></primary></indexterm> 有关物理键盘布局(一个标准 US 键盘是 “Generic 104 key” )的解决方式,布局选择一般的 US, AltGr 键则定位到右 Alt。最后一个,允许使用组合摁键输入特殊字符的快捷键 Compose 键,先后使用 <keycombo action="seq"><keycap>Compose</keycap> <keycap>'</keycap><keycap>e</keycap></keycombo>产生一个 e-acute(“é”)。这些组合在 <filename>/usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose</filename> 中被定义(或者其他文件,可由 <filename>/usr/share/X11/locale/compose.dir</filename> 说明)。
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