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Every Debian release starts its life as a continuously changing distribution, also known as “<emphasis role="distribution">Testing</emphasis>”. But at the time we write those lines, Debian Jessie is the latest “<emphasis role="distribution">Stable</emphasis>” version of Debian.
每一个Debian发行版都是始于一个持续不断改进的版本,即众所周知的“<emphasis role="distribution">Testing</emphasis>”. 在我们写下这些文字之时, Debian Jessie是 Debian 最新的“<emphasis role="distribution">Stable稳定版</emphasis>Debian版本
2 years ago
Several factors have dictated this choice. The system administrator, who was familiar with this distribution, ensured it was listed among the candidates for the computer system overhaul. Difficult economic conditions and ferocious competition have limited the budget for this operation, despite its critical importance for the future of the company. This is why Open Source solutions were swiftly chosen: several recent studies indicate they are less expensive than proprietary solutions while providing equal or better quality of service so long as qualified personnel are available to run them.
2 years ago
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