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The Debian security team handles security support in the current <emphasis role="distribution">Stable</emphasis> release and also in the <emphasis role="distribution">Oldstable</emphasis> release (but only for as long as is needed to ensure one year of overlap with the current stable release). This amounts roughly to three years of support for each release. The Debian LTS team handles the last (two) years of security support so that each releases benefits from at least 5 years of support and so that users can upgrade from version N to N+2, for example from Debian 8 <emphasis role="distribution">Jessie</emphasis> to Debian 10 <emphasis role="distribution">Buster</emphasis>. <ulink type="block" url="" />
3 months ago
The project is also well represented on social networks. While Debian only has an official presence on platforms built with free software (like the (microblogging platform, powered by <emphasis></emphasis>), but there are many Debian contributors who are animating Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Google+ pages, and more.some accounts retransmitting the RSS feed from <ulink url=""></ulink> and many Debian contributors who are posting on non-official accounts. <ulink type="block" url="" /> <ulink type="block" url="" /> <ulink type="block" url="" /> <ulink type="block" url="" /> <ulink type="block" url="" /> <ulink type="block" url="" />
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Git is a distributed system where each user has a repository with the complete history of changes. Central repositories are used to download the project (<command>git clone</command>) and to share the work done with others (<command>git push</command>). The repository can contain multiple versions of the files but only one version can be worked on at a given time: it' is called the working copy (it can be changed to point to another version with <command>git checkout</command>). Git can show you the modifications made to the working copy (<command>git diff</command>), can store them in the repository byage changes for inclusion (<command>git add</command>), and can creatinge a new entry in the versions history (<command>git commit</command>), can. It can also update the working copy to include modifications made in parallel by other users (<command>git pull</command>), and can record a particular configuration in the history in order to be able to easily extract it later on (<command>git tag</command>).
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Debian Handbook / 01_the-debian-projectChinese (Traditional)

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The project is always looking for new sponsors: wWhat about your company? cCan you let an employee work part-time on long term support? cCan you allocate a small budget for security support? <ulink type="block" url="" />
6 months ago
TIn the Debian LTS team is not yet able to properly support all packages in Debian, hence, the volunteers work on packages they care about while the paid contributors prioritize packages used by their sponsors.
6 months ago
The project started in jJune 2014: some organizations allowed their employees to contribute part-time to Debian LTS while others preferred to sponsor the project with money so that Debian contributors get paid to do the work that they would not do for free. Most Debian contributors willing to be paid to work on LTS got together to create a clear sponsorship offer managed by Freexian (Raphaël Hertzog's company): <ulink type="block" url="" />
6 months ago
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