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Godot Fix this component to clear its alerts. MIT 17% 7 Translate
Godot Documentation Fix this component to clear its alerts. 79% 65% 2,790 76,039 1 7 83 Translate
Project website
Translation license CC-BY-3.0, MIT
Number of strings 769,496
Number of words 11,725,224
Number of characters 75,446,549
Number of languages 65
Number of source strings 16,276
Number of source words 1,896
Number of source characters 1,681,728
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Godot Engine / GodotChinese (Simplified)

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到这里的一切,或多或少都很轻松,但是为了做任何事情,谷歌需要您接受它的许可谷歌要求你接受对应的许可证,才可以使用Android SDK工具
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