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Translations Fix this component to clear its alerts. AGPL-3.0 92% 7 Translate
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Translation license AGPL-3.0 Translations
Number of strings 342
Number of words 766
Number of characters 5,027

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Invidious / TranslationsTurkish

Committed changes 5 months ago
`x` points
`x` puan
5 months ago
View `x` replies
`x` yanıtı görüntüle
5 months ago
`x` views
`x` görüntüleme
5 months ago
Editing playlist `x`
`x` çalma listesi düzenleniyor
5 months ago
Playlist privacy
Çalma listesi gizliliği
5 months ago
5 months ago
Create playlist
Çalma listesi oluştur
5 months ago
Delete playlist
Çalma listesini sil
5 months ago
Delete playlist `x`?
`x` çalma listesini sil?
5 months ago
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