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Welcome to the PGE Project!

If you going to translate components of PGE Pronect (Moondust), there are some tips for you:

  • You should login Weblate to work with translations. With anonymouse access you can leave suggestions only, but it's inconvenient and painful. Therefore please login to get a full functionality of WebLate: here is a simplier registration process via GitHub, GitLab, Google, etc. accounts

  • While registering an account, you will not be asked for password until email link activation and a terms of use accepting on a following page.

  • On a first password setup, you'll see "Current password". Leave field empty as, obviously, you never set any password while registration.

  • If certain component doesn't include your language, feel free to request it, @Wohlstand will add an entry for your language ;)

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Number of languages 1
Number of source strings 2,437
Number of source words 11,540
Number of source characters 69,305

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