Hello to everybody who's been submitting translations! I'm excited by the level of activity. And wanted to make sure you're aware of a couple of things. First, thanks to two new requirements for the Google Play Store I can't do a release until I make a couple of pretty complex changes. I'm working hard on that, but it may be early March before your work gets to the Play Store. Second, automated debug builds happen all the time, and you're welcome to install them to get an early look at your work. The debug build is a separate app (called "CrossDbg") so it can co-exist with the Play Store release. Also, it auto-updates, so once you install it it will check once/week to see if there's a new build (and you can always force the check manually.) Click this link on your phone to install: https://eehouse.org/d.apk Finally, I don't always get notified (or notice) when you make changes on weblate. So when you do, please feel free to let me know so I can grab them and incorporate them in the automated build process. In fact, please be in touch about anything related to CrossWords! xwords@eehouse.org. Thanks! --Eric
Localization guide
Here you can find guidance to make your localization project attractive to the community.
Version control integration
Configure repository hooks for automated flow of updates to Weblate.
Configure push URL for automated flow of translations from Weblate.
Building community
Define translation instructions to give translators a guideline.
Make your translations available under a libre license.
Fix this component to clear its alerts.
Provide context to the translators
Add screenshots to show where strings are being used.
Use flags to indicate special strings in your translation.
Workflow customization