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Access control Controllo accesso
Weblate comes with a fine-grained privilege system to assign user permissions for the whole instance, or in a limited scope. Weblate è dotato di un minuzioso sistema di privilegi per assegnare i permessi utente per l'intera istanza o su un ambito limitato.
Before Weblate 3.0, the privilege system was based on Django privilege system only, but is specifically built for Weblate now. If using anything older, please consult the documentation for the specific version you are using. Prima di Weblate 3.0, il sistema di privilegi era basato su Django, ma ora è specificatamente costruito per Weblate. Se stai usando una versione più vecchia, sei pregato di consultare la documentazione per quella versione, le informazioni qui non possono essere d'aiuto.
Simple access control Controllo degli accessi al progetto
If you are not administrating the whole Weblate installation and just have access to manage certain projects (like on `Hosted Weblate <>`_), your access control management options are limited to following settings. If you don’t need any complex setup, those are sufficient for you.
Project access control Controllo degli accessi al progetto
This feature is unavailable for the projects running Libre plan on Hosted Weblate. Questa funzione non è disponibile per i progetti che eseguono il piano Hosted Libre.
You can limit user’s access to individual projects by selecting a different :guilabel:`Access control` setting. Available options are:
Public Pubblica
Publicly visible, translatable for all logged-in users. Visibile pubblicamente, traducibile solo per gli utenti selezionati
Protected Protetta
Publicly visible, but translatable only for selected users. Visibile pubblicamente, ma traducibile solo per gli utenti selezionati
Private Privata
Visible and translatable only for selected users. Visibile e traducibile solo per gli utenti selezionati
Custom Personalizzato
:ref:`User management <manage-acl>` features will be disabled; by default all users are forbidden to performed any actions on the project. You will have to set up all the permissions using :ref:`custom-acl`.
:guilabel:`Access control` can be changed in the :guilabel:`Access` tab of the configuration (:guilabel:`Manage` ↓ :guilabel:`Settings`) of each respective project.
The default value can be changed by :setting:`DEFAULT_ACCESS_CONTROL`.
Even for `Private` projects, some info about your project will be exposed: statistics and language summary for the whole instance will include counts for all projects despite the access control setting. Your project name and other information can’t be revealed through this.
The actual set of permissions available for users by default in `Public`, `Protected`, and `Private` projects can be redefined by Weblate instance administrator using :ref:`custom settings <custom-acl>`.