Key English Galician State
AVForm Use slider to set the volume of your speakers.
AVForm Transmitted audio quality. Lower this setting if your bandwidth is not high enough or if you want to reduce bandwidth usage.
AVForm Set resolution of your camera.
The higher values, the better video quality your friends may get.
Note that with better video quality, you use more bandwidth.
Sometimes your connection may not be good enough to handle higher video quality,
which may lead to problems with video calls.
AVForm Play a test sound while changing the output volume.
AVForm Use slider to set the gain of your input device ranging from %1dB to %2dB.
AVForm Use slider to set the activation volume for your input device.
Replaces `%1` in the `A list of all known…`
bug-tracker xestor de problemas
Replaces `%2` in the `A list of all known…`
Writing Useful Bug Reports Escribindo informes de error útiles
Replaces `%1` in `See a full list of…`
contributors autores
AboutFriendForm Auto-accept files
AboutFriendForm Auto-accept for this contact is disabled
AboutFriendForm Auto-accept call:
AboutFriendForm Auto-accept group invites
AboutFriendForm You can save comments about this contact here.
AboutFriendForm Choose an auto-accept directory
AboutSettings Currently running an untested/unstable version of qTox
AddFriendForm Tox ID, 76 hexadecimal characters
Tox address error
%1 Tox ID is invalid
AddFriendForm 76 hexadecimal characters
AdvancedForm Unless you %1 know what you are doing, please do %2 change anything here. Changes made here may lead to problems with qTox, and even to loss of your data, e.g. history.%3