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Automapping 自动映射
What is Automapping? 什么是自动映射?
**Working speed** - you need less time to setup a map. **工作速度** - 你需要又快又好的设置地图.
External Links 外部链接
`Examples on Automapping <https://github.com/stefanbeller/tiled_examples>`__ `自动映射实例 <https://github.com/stefanbeller/tiled_examples>`__
`Tiled Map Editor Tutorial Part Three: AutoMap (YouTube) <https://youtu.be/A_A6rz7cvG4>`__ `Tiled 地图编辑器教程第三部分: 自动映射 (油管) <https://youtu.be/A_A6rz7cvG4>`__
Setting it Up 设置
a path to a **rulefile** **rulefile** 路径
Defining the Regions 定义区域
Multiple Rules in One Rulefile 单个规则文件中多个规则集
Definition of Inputs 输入定义
General Setup 通用设置
Type 类型
Python Scripts Python 脚本
Introduction 介绍
About Tiled 关于Tiled
**Tiled is a 2D level editor that helps you develop the content of your game. Its primary feature is to edit tile maps of various forms, but it also supports free image placement as well as powerful ways to annotate your level with extra information used by the game. Tiled focuses on general flexibility while trying to stay intuitive.** ** Tiled是帮助你开发游戏内容的2D关卡编辑器。它的主要功能是编辑各种形式的瓦片地图,但它还支持通过放置空图片这种强大的方式来标记游戏的数据。Tiled在保持直观性的同时注重总体的灵活性。**
In terms of tile maps, it supports straight rectangular tile layers, but also projected isometric, staggered isometric and staggered hexagonal layers. A tileset can be either a single image containing many tiles, or it can be a collection of individual images. In order to support certain depth faking techniques, tiles and layers can be offset by a custom distance and their rendering order can be configured. 就瓦片地图而言,它支持矩形图层,还支持等轴测投影,交错等距和交错六边形图层。瓦片集可以是包含多个瓦片的单个图像,也可以是单个图像的集合。为了支持某些伪深度技术,可以将瓦片和图层偏移自定义距离,并可以配置其渲染顺序。
The primary tool for editing :ref:`tile layers <tile-layer-introduction>` is a stamp brush that allows efficient painting and copying of tile areas. It also supports drawing lines and circles. In addition, there are several selection tools and a tool that does :doc:`automatic terrain transitions <using-the-terrain-tool>`. Finally, it can apply changes based on :doc:`pattern-matching <automapping>` to automate parts of your work. 编辑:ref:`瓦片图层 <tile-layer-introduction>`的主要工具 是图章画笔,它可以有效地绘画和复制图块区域。它还支持绘制直线和圆。此外,还有几种选择工具和一种可:doc:`自动进行地形转换 <using-the-terrain-tool>`的工具。最后,它可以基于:doc:`模式匹配 <automapping>`应用更改 以使工作的一部分自动化。
Getting Started 入门