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Could not run command. %s لا يمكن تنفيذ الأمر. %s
Could not authenticate, attempting reconnection… لا يمكن المصادقة ، محاولة إعادة الاتصال …
Install the %s protocol plugin first.
Plugin %s is not registered.
Error: %s خطأ: %s
The passwords do not match كلمات السر لا
Warning: This plugin requires GtkSocket, but it’s not available.
Unable to import:
غير قادر على إستيراد:
This protocol does not support exporting. هذا البروتوكول لا يقبل التصدير.
Could not read from the folder. %s لا يمكن القراءة من المجلد. %s
Could not authenticate with SSH password. %s
Could not authenticate with public SSH key. %s
Public SSH key cannot be imported. %s
Could not authenticate automatically with public SSH key. %s
Could not fetch the server's public SSH key. %s
Could not fetch public SSH key. %s
Could not check list of known SSH hosts. %s
Could not start SSH session. %s
Could not create channel. %s
Could not connect to SSH tunnel. %s